Frankford Festival

You certainly could not complain about the weather last Saturday.  It brought out a diverse crowd of codial folks looking for a good time.  We did not have a lot of time to stay but we did video for about a half hour just as things were getting rolling.  This is a rough cut but there is no sense in waiting till it’s perfect.  We would like to add some video of the later musical performances.  If you have any video (or stills) you would like to contribute, please contact us.


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  1. Frankford threw a party and forgot to send out invitations? Poor turn out, lack luster, why bother. Who benefits from closing down the only profitable blocks on this side of the Avenue? There used to be a very well attended Frankford Day Parade and street festival and a wildly popular Halloween festival annualy but I guess organizers in this community don’t want to succeed? What is it with the people here that causes them to prefer this over the better events held in the 90’s? Am I missing something here? Please if any one knows the answer let me know too.

  2. Thanks for your astute observation. I am posting a copy of your comment over at the message board to see if we get any discussion going. Thanks .

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  4. This year the Frankford Festival is on June 20th at Overington Park.

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