People learn what they want to learn and think that what they learn is the truth

Bill Kenny of the Northeast Times brings us this story about Raymond Grant and the Friends of Deni Playground.  Read it here.

4 Comments on "People learn what they want to learn and think that what they learn is the truth"

  1. Ray Gant is a fraud. He takes credit for what other people accomplished at Deni Playground. Friends of Deni is not a legal entity. The basketball league he claims he started is the PAL League. Look at their PAL shirts for yourself.

  2. Ray Gant’s Thrift store was shut down over 7 months ago for operating with out the proper licenses. He was operating an illegal business. Mr. Gant was selling paint at the store that he received for free from anti-grafitti. He is still a con.

  3. I have lived around the corner of Deni Playground for 40 years and never heard of Raymond Gant. Bill Cross has been helping this area and Deni Playground all my life. Bill Cross is the true hero of Deni Playground.

  4. Ray Gant never had anything to do with the Deni Advisory Committee. Former Councilman Dan Savage along with the Cross Family and others revived the Committee last summer bringing youth baseball back to Deni. The Northeast Times should check their facts before running a story which consist of blantant lies.

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