1929 Ward 23 Google Maps Overlay

Surfing over at phillyblog.com, I came across a post arguing where Convention Hall was located at Broad and Allegheny.  A poster referenced the Greater Philadelphia Geo History Network website.  They have as their “crown jewel” an Interactive Map Viewer with overlays of historic maps.  Very cool I must say.  Now most of the maps have old timey maps of Frankford, but they have a 1929 map of the 23rd and 41st ward with the house owners for the larger mansions and factory names written on it.  Tons of insight for the history buff.  This is filthy cool.  I could spend hours meandering through those maps.  Joe Menk, you should be all over this.  If anyone notes anything cool( like Overington Park still looking like an estate), post it in the comments.

[link] http://www.philageohistory.org/geohistory/index.cfm

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  1. Deni playground had buildings on the corner(at Adams and Ruan).

  2. I95 isn’t there!!!! Very cool map

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