Castor Avenue Speedway

I have been watching the efforts of the people in Northwood to take on  the speed problem on Castor Avenue between Foulkrod and Pratt for a couple of years now.  They had some success in…

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The Day the Blob Attacked Frankford

The  gang  of   7  to  12  year  old  urchins   we  used  to  hang  around  with  in  the  early   1960s   in  the  Northwood   section  of  Frankford,  between   Castor  Avenue,  Wakeling  Street,  Oakland  Street,   and  Harrison  Street,  …

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The Mad Motorist of Frankford Stadium

In  1956,  when  I  was  3  years  of  age,    my  parents  moved  their  growing  family  from   Germantown   to  a  house  on  Wakeling  Street,  across  the  street  from  Frankford  Stadium  in  the  Northwood  section  of  Frankford….