Castor Avenue Speedway

I have been watching the efforts of the people in Northwood to take on  the speed problem on Castor Avenue between Foulkrod and Pratt for a couple of years now.  They had some success in…

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The Day the Blob Attacked Frankford

The  gang  of   7  to  12  year  old  urchins   we  used  to  hang  around  with  in  the  early   1960s   in  the  Northwood   section  of  Frankford,  between   Castor  Avenue,  Wakeling  Street,  Oakland  Street,   and  Harrison  Street,  …

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The Mad Motorist of Frankford Stadium

In  1956,  when  I  was  3  years  of  age,    my  parents  moved  their  growing  family  from   Germantown   to  a  house  on  Wakeling  Street,  across  the  street  from  Frankford  Stadium  in  the  Northwood  section  of  Frankford….

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The Terrifying Railroad Staple Machine Guns

One  of  the  centers  of   kid  activity   in  Frankford  in  the  1960s  was  “The  Lot,”  the  tract    of  ground  between  Rutland  Street,  Foulkrod  Street,    Castor  Avenue  and  Harrison  Street.      Back  then,    a  railroad  track   ran …