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Free Library

This is another of my old post card views of Frankford. It is hard to imagine but the building in the picture is the original library. I can remember seeing it when I was very young. At some time, in the 50s possibly, it was rebuilt in the modern style you see today. If you look on the side of the existing building you can still see part of the original foundation walls.
This was a Carnegie library. If you’re curious about that follow this link:

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Parking meters on Frankford Avenue in Frankford

The good news keeps rolling in thanks to councilman Dan Savage. Parking meters were previously required to be fed up until 9:30 PM Friday and Saturday nights. Today the new signs were posted that give you free parking after 6PM every night of the week. This then provides free parking for those patronizing Mozaic.

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If you read Phillyblog you may find references to the “dogooders” in Frankford. I guess you could be called worse.

SPIN Frankford has an Early Head Start Program, Head Start Program and an Early Intervention Program with 3 classrooms that provide services to children with Autism. The center is community based and home based and supports well over 300 families in Frankford.

I have a link over to the right: