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Progress on the Frankford Murals

Work has been moving along on the Frankford murals.  The panels on the building opposite Womrath Park are almost finished.  Work on the wall of the building that faces the North end of Womrath Park is underway.

I met Cesar Viveros there this week with two other artists as they were mounting the painted panels and on the prepared surface of the wall.  This wall is large and is made up of many individual panels that have been painted previously.  The people who participated in the community paint days will be able to recognize what they painted.

Each wall has to be prepared before the panels, made of a strong but thin cloth, are attached.  After the panels are mounted, there is some touch up work necessary but you can see from the slide show below that it is already shaping up as a monumental work.

There will be a ceremony in the Spring when the last work is complete.  Until then we’ll continue to post updates.

If you happen to go by, feel free to stop and say hello to the artists.  They are a friendly bunch and like to talk about their work.



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Third Annual Art Under the Trees

The weather was cool but dry last Saturday, September 29th, for our third annual Art Under the Trees. We had 25 Children under 18 who participated in our chalk art contest. A few adults couldn’t resist grabbing some chalk and joining in.

This year our biggest group was the 13 to 17 year olds. Our winners in the teen group were Stephanie Espejo, age 15 and Salina Santiago, age 17. Our 6 and under winner was Rowan Becker age 6, and 7 to 11 winner Lazaia Moore, age 9.

The park looked beautiful filled with kids letting their inner artist rise to the surface. Color was all around. The Friends group also had a printing station where leaves were printed and bookmarks stamped. We had doughnuts in the morning and water and pretzels at noon.

Many thanks go out to all those who helped make this a fun day in our neighborhood: the Friends of Overington Park, councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez, Frankford High JR ROTC, and Tony Payton’s office.


Our event was so inspiring that the next day more chalk art filled in the blocks around the park. This corner of our world became a creative and fun place for everyone this weekend. Thanks for coming out and and making it happen!

Our next event will be on October 20th from 10 till 1, Fall Festival! We will all come in costume, find pumpkins in the patch, make an arts and craft project, play games and have candy! Come out and join us!

Diane Kunze, president, Friends of Overington Park

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[nugget] Inqurer reviewer raves about Globe Dye Work’s Catagenesis

Edith Newhall stopped by the Globe Dye Works and gave a glowing review of the current sculpture exhibition being held there entitled “Catagenesis”.  But she notes “the building is so atmospheric it can sometimes trump the art.”  Totally agree.  If you haven’t checked it out, the exhibition runs Sundays through October 21st.  Read her review here.