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An Open Letter From Christine Rojek

Christine Rojek is the artist who won the competition to install a piece of sculpture at Womrath Park.


Dear Frankford Residents:

It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the community meeting and presentation of the Womrath Park Gateway Sculpture proposals on January 27 th at the Second Baptist Church. Your input, openness to new ideas , and your enthusiasm for the artist’s process of design was encouraging and heartwarming.

My proposal, entitled Confluence, is a cluster of three sculptures that celebrates the evolution of Frankford. My ideas sprung from the two primary reasons that Frankford exists: Frankford Avenue and Frankford Creek. The trail, or road, lead a steady stream of people through the area and the creek created a flow of energy and opportunity . The fast moving water provided the source of industry followed by the birth of the community. The creek was the reason the people stayed.


My goal as an artist is to create one clear icon for Frankford surrounded by a “timeline of images ” that celebrate the evolution of this neighborhood from open land to a diverse community. The large central feature will be a dynamic “Rushing Water Form” as the symbol of the creek and of life. The sculpted water shapes will flow around a brightly colored waterwheel that represents industry, tenacity, and the potential for new growth.


Clustered around the central f eature (Rushing Water with Waterwheel) will be two decorative panels . Together , they will define an area to gather, stroll , and learn. The panel located to the South ( History Panel ) will describe the open landscape, early architecture , and events from Frankford’s past . The panel on the North ( Community Panel ) will describe more recent memories, current events , and urban architecture.


As part of my research for this sculpture, I’d like to invite you to share your memories and impressions of Frankford with me. I plan to interpret y our stories and special images into a large drawing , or graphic design. This design will then be cut into metal to form the decorative panels described above. Below are some of the questions you might consider:

1. How has the natural landscape changed along the road?

2. How has the natural landscape changed along the creek?

3. How was the creek used for recreation in the past and how is it used today?

4. What do you know about the beginning of industry in Frankford? Did any family members work in the mills?

5. What stories have you been told about the construction of the elevated train and how it changed Frankford? What do you remember about your first ride?

6. What stories or images of historic Frankford are most intriguing to you?

7. What is your favorite piece of architecture from early Frankford? Does this structure still exist?

8. What is your favorite storefront or piece of architecture from contemporary Frankford?

9. What parts of the neighborhood do you feel define Frankford today?

Thank you, Christine Rojek

Follow this link for more information and a way to leave your comments and suggestions.


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Artist Selected for Womrath Park Sculpture

Out of the 100 artists who submitted qualifications for the Call for Artists, five finalists were selected by a jury of project administrators, arts professionals, and representatives of the Frankford community.  At a community meeting on January 27th, Christine RojekRobert Roesch, Pete Beeman, Jim Galucci and Jake Beckman unveiled their proposals.

Each artist gave a presentation that covered the details of the proposal including materials, lighting, color, durability, size and placement in the park.  They were all well thought out and incorporated many of the important concepts about Frankford.

On February 18th The Destination Frankford Selection Panel, with input from the Frankford community at the public meeting, announced that it had chosen Christine Rojek as the winner of the Womrath Park Sculpture Competition. The Chicago based artist brings with her a long record of achievement and widespread recognition that includes the creation of multiple interactive environments that appeal to wide audiences.

You can read the rest of the details on the Destination Frankford web site.  See the video below as Christine Rojek talks about her proposal.


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Focus on Frankford: Jennifer Mohr

Frankford Crafter Entrepreneur

Originally published on www.destinationfrankford.comIMG_5215 web

One sunny afternoon in October of 2012, I first met Jennifer Mohr at Overington Park  surrounded by children at the Fall Festival.  She was there volunteering with the Friends of Overington Park.  She sat at a table full of handcrafted jewelry and other things for sale. That kind of piqued my curiosity. I was surprised that this relatively young girl was out selling her own creations.

A graduate of Frankford Friends School and the Charter School for Architecture and Design (CHAD), she has been making and designing things almost her entire life.  CHAD seems like the perfect choice for someone who is creative.  It’s located on 7th street between Market and Chestnut in downtown Philadelphia.

Although she is now a Frankford resident, she actually grew up all over the northeast but mainly lived in Mayfair.  She spent a lot of time in Frankford with her aunt Lorraine. When she was looking for a place to live, Frankford came to mind because of the convenience for travel and also because she is comfortable here.  She says it’s not the best neighborhood yet but it certainly has a lot of potential and is affordable.  She doesn’t have a car yet, so the Frankford Transpiration Center is a great asset since you can get to almost any part of the city very easily.  She works full time in Northern Liberties.

On any first Friday of the month, you are likely to find her down around 2nd and Market Street between 5 and 9 PM.  The Old City Arts Association has been sponsoring First Friday in Old City since 1991.  Although the sidewalk vendors are not an official part of the event, they are not discouraged either.  The streets are filled with vendors selling everything and anything to the strollers who come out to tour the numerous art galleries.

It’s a perfect marketplace for her creations which are mainly silver jewelry, decorated boxes and crocheted items like hats and bags.  She is looking to get into candle making which is a very marketable line of business although it does require some new equipment.

She has also marketed her pieces at other vendors markets around the city and is in considering marketing on Etsy.  That is a marketplace for creative people from all around the world to sell their own hand crafted goods.

Jennifer is another example of the many creative residents in Frankford.  We’ve previously highlighted Nasifah Lewis and Flossy Stanowski who both built successful small businesses here.

She has aspirations to open a craft/coffee shop at some point in the future.  She is off to a good start, so that does not seem at all out of reach and we hope that the Frankford Avenue business corridor will be ready for it when she decides to take the plunge.


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Destination Frankford Invites Community to Open Meeting

Destination Frankford welcomes all members of the Frankford community to a public meeting on January 27 from 6:00  – 7:00 pm at the 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

The five Destination Frankford Womrath Park Sculpture finalists, chosen by a jury of project administrators, arts professionals, and representatives of the Frankford community from 100 applicants, will present their proposals for the park’s new public artwork.

Jake Beckman (Philadelphia,), Pete Beeman (Brooklyn, NY), Jim Gallucci (Greensboro, NC), Robert Roesch (Philadelphia), and Christine Rojek (Chicago, IL) were chosen on the basis of their past work and artist statements by the Destination Frankford selection jury to complete a design for a gateway sculpture in Womrath Park.

Each artist will show images of their proposal and will entertain questions from the audience. Ian Litwin (Project Manager), Marsha Moss (Public Art Consultant), and Leslie Kaufman (Art Director) will be on hand to answer any additional questions.One artist will be chosen by the jury to fabricate and install the winning project, expected to be completed in November, 2014.

A light dinner will be provided, and those interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP to Leslie Kaufman at by January 22. This will be the only opportunity to see the final proposals before the selection is made, so make sure you are a part of this exciting event!

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Only Five More Days Left in the Frankford Library Silent Auction

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The Friends of the Frankford Library are holding a silent auction with a few interesting items up for bid. Stop by the library, 4634 Frankford Avenue, to place your bid on paintings of Frankford area landmarks, books of local historical interest, and other small items.  You just might find that unique holiday gift for someone on your list.  Winners will be announced on Monday, December 23, 2013.  For more information, contact Betsy Baxter, Branch Head, at 215-685-1473, or email

  1. Watercolor of Frankford High School
  2. Watercolor of Bromley-Garsed mansion (Northwood Frankford Community Y building)
  3. Pen and ink drawing of the Frankford Library
  4. Book Kitty Foyle by Christopher Morley – later became a film with Ginger Rogers starring as a girl from Frankford living on Griscom Street
  5. Book Sixty Year History of Frankford High School 1910-1970
  6. Building 6: The Tragedy at Bridesburg
  7. 2 Buttons “I’m Frankford Friendly” plus one
  8. 2 Buttons “I’m Frankford Friendly” plus one
  9. 2 Buttons “I’m Frankford Friendly” plus one

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bromley building 6 buttons buttons2 library frankford hs kitty foyle frankford high history buttons3