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Mozaic tonight

The Victor North Trio will be performing tonight, August 25th., from 7PM – 11PM.

mozaic will be closed for vacation – 8/27 – 9/6

Happy Labor Day. Hail to the worker!

Come celebrate mozaic’s 1st. Anniversary on Saturday, September 8th.
The Butch Ballard Trio will be there from 7PM – 11PM. Mr. Ballard will be performing a very special drum solo to honor the recent passing of his dear friend Max Roach. It’s gonna be a blast.

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Illegal Signs

I found this on the Metro today. One of my pet peeves is those ugly and illegal signs. This lady suggests you do your civic duty and rip them down.

There are strict limitations on posting signs on public property. A $75 fine is supposed to be levied against any person or company for every illegal sign found by the city.

But a recent report by the city controller found that thousands of the illegal signs litter virtually every neighborhood in Philadelphia. Not only are the signs hard to manage, the Controller’s Office reported, but tracking owners of the signs is hard.

Similar story in the Northeast Times this week:

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Frankford Yellow Jackets – 1926 NFL Champions

Yesterday I posted a link to the best site I found with history of the Frankford Yellow Jackets. Eagles fans will be familiar with the team especially this year as its the 75th anniversary of the Philadelphia Eagles.

My introduction to the Yellow Jackets was when I met Mary and Levi my neighbors in our first house in Frankford. Levi and his family had lived in Frankford for eons. His family name goes well back to the time when Frankford was a town in its own right.

He told me that when he was young he used to sit on a wall in back of the nursing school on Penn Street and watch the Yellow Jackets play. When I read later that the Yellow Jackets played up at Frankford and Devereaux I though his memory may have failed him.

But as I was browsing the Yellow Jackets history, I found that it does note their early games were played at Wistar Park. If Wistar Park was in the area of Penn and Oxford then Levi was right as usual.

It’s good to see the name of Frankford associated with champions once again even if it is only by way of a reminiscence.

Take a look at this article from The Evening Bulletin: