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  1. […] now they need to do it over again.  This time maybe it will be the right way.  See the community calendar for the […]

  2. Justice for Richard “China” Hines

    Monday morning August 29th where you in the Frankford area, Georges Burger 7352 Frankford Ave???? Please think did you see any police commotion. No one knows if he was alive or dead when brought out the Georges Burger. Richard “China” Hines was last seen by Georges Burger manger 7352 Frankford Ave approx. 10:00am. Being followed by 4 unknown city Police Officers in bathroom.Fifteen to Twenty minutes later, 1 unknown police forced everyone out of the restaurant. It’s unclear what happened before that. Richard arrived to Frankford hospital belligerent, hostile and delusional. Same doctor later said he was in a coma, never seen Richard open his eyes, speak, no movement. A breathing tube was placed in his throat immediately upon arriving. He was brought in by the police. Hospital waited approx.17 hours to notify family, while Richard laid as a John Doe. No mention of resuscitating him and the phone that they used to call last two numbers in Richard phone is gone. The doctor himself said it’s suspicious, gave no reason as to what cause his death. The 15th district denied the incident for 8 days, before telling us what happened. We have been misled by Aria Frankford Hospital doctors and the police 15th district police. Please if you was in the Georges Burger 7352 Frankford Ave; in our outside or at the ER when Richard came please call 302-310-7099. Follow IG justfor_china, #justforchina as we continue our pursuit to find out what happen to this father of 9.

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