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  1. People in Frankford who wish to do a project invovling planting flowers can now request them America the Beautiful Fund. You can look at it online and pay for the potage. You can recieve packages of flower seeds, vegetable seeds or herb seeds.

  2. postage, not potage thankyou.

  3. this message is for dan savage, i believe he may have been related to daniel savage who was killed in vietnam in 1969,i was with him on the last evening,feb 4th in phu bai, my e mail adress is carlb@kbhouse.org can you forward this to dan thanks

  4. trash tickets!
    Are any other blocks besides mine getting hit with out of control trash tickets? I got one before our street had recycling pick up for “trash mixed with recycles”, then I got one when I was in vegas because someone dropped off a bag of donations/food and blankets for animal shelter on my porch not knowing I was away. The ticket said for bag of “trash” on porch. Then when I went to london, I came back and found one on my fence for “improper container” no lid”! I wasn’t in the country never put the trash out that week at all! Finally it snowed a lil while I was away and I got one for not removing snow even though my neighbor put salt on my pavement and shoveled it the ticket was for my walkway inside my fence? Why are these people writing these bogus noncense tickets? Is any one else havng this problem in Frankford? My entire block is getting tickets and the recycle workers keep stealing our containers too costing us more money! But I see plenty of blighted, filthy, unkempt rental properties with no tickets on them.

  5. Sharefest!
    Does anyone know what sharefest is? Are any groups or churches interested in having one in Frankford? If so I would like to help organize one. Are there any large open spaces it could be held in here? I think it could be a good thing for Frankford’s residents and neighbors. It could be themed or not. Maybe a theme like Neighborhood Peace? Or like the now decaying Penn and Oxford mural says “Frankford hope stewardship”? Just a thought spring cleaning time is coming up time to freecycle or share all the good stuff you don’t want to trash?

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