History Corner

History by our local historians

Joseph Menkevich

  1. Calico Print Works at Comlyville
  2. Calico Print Works at Comlyville pdf with supplemental information 6/28/2010
  3. Frankford Chronicles, the research about Thomas Jefferson and the story that he visited Frankford in July of 1776.  Read the results of the research here and see actual records of the deeds mentioned on the supporting page the Deeds of NE Philadelphia.
  4. Old town and Districts of Philadelphia – the document here and related map.
  5. The West Jersey History Project – 18th century maps made by the Hessians
  6. Papers read before the Historical Society of Frankford Volume 3 Number 1 includes  “Frankford’s Boundaries in the Past and in the Future
  7. Burk Deed Restriction documents:  Louis Burk 1, Louis Burk 2, Louis Burk 3, Burk map, Burk map2, NCA Burk Deed Restriction 1, NCA Burk Deed Restriction 2, NCA Burk Deed Restriction 3, NCA Burk Deed Restriction 4, NCA Burk Deed Restriction 6

Bill McNamee

Reminiscence of Growing Up in Northwood

Warren Seale

  1. Vintage article about the grand opening of the Frankford EL part 1 and part 2
  2. Souvenir book from the opening of the Frankford El – Frankford – Direction of a Greater Philadelphia