Frankford Chronicles – the Deeds of Northeast Philadelphia

The Deeds of Northeast Philadelphia Page 1 – Courtesy of Joe Menkevich

Disclaimer: On July 01, 2010, I enhanced and cropped the original © digital images., They are still under Copyright and are forbidden to be used or duplicated without my written permission.   The information contained in these digital files is Public Domain and there is no restriction upon transcribing the calligraphy into text and then using the information for research or even profit.   However, in doing so please credit Joseph J. Menkevich as providing the digital images to the information.   If you transcribe and use the information contained in these files, you are putting your faith in my honesty that I have provided accurate information; as you cannot actually say that these images are really are from Deed Book D-48 unless you go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and check my work for accuracy.   I guarantee their accuracy, Because I actually went to the Philadelphia City Archives and found them and took the photos – Please do me the courtesy of acknowledging my work as I am giving it away to others who also enjoy research.

Thank you.   J.M.

Henry Drinker To Dr. Enoch Edwards – November 3, 1792
Philadelphia Deed Book D-48

Deed Book D- 48

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 414

D-48 page 414

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 415

D-48 page 415

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 416

D-48 page 416

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 417

D-48 page 417

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 418

D-48 page 418

Philadelphia Deed Book D-48 page 419

D-48 page 419

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