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  • JDeal

    Frankford Memorial United Methodist Church now has a web site at Could we be added to the list of Frankford Churches on your site. Thank you.

  • Jim

    Here’s the link for the Twins at Powder Mill

  • Rick

    I just discovered this site and really enjoyed checking it out. I grew up in the 4200 blk of Griscom St. during the ’80s and early ’90s and loved every minute of my time in Frankford. I’ve been back and have driven through my old neighborhood many times over the years and have been sadden over the serious decline of the area. I still have fond memories of Frankford: the Avenue, trips on the El, Deni Park….. I still drive my wife crazy when I talk about my old neighborhood and how it was the greatest place to grow up back then (We live in Baltimore now). I’m glad to see that there are still people interested in Frankford. I pray that one day Frankford will be great again. Go Eagles!!

  • Greg Bucceroni

    How the City of Philadelphia treats it’s Police officers who are injured.

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Emil Bucceroni, and I am Philadelphia police officer currently on forced medical leave of absence by the Philadelphia Police Department. I have been a police officer for the city since April of 1999 and have received multiple police commendations/ letters of recognition from The City Council, State Senate or the state House of Representatives.

    Back in 2003, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and started going through both of the current medical treatments which met with negative results. I continued to work on the streets of Philadelphia in the 17th Police district. I would use both sick time and vacation time on days when my medical condition would get the better of me. At that time, the City of Philadelphia stated that I did not get the Hepatitis-C virus while on duty, so I retained a lawyer through the fraternal order of police lodge# 5 to start a workers compensation claim.

    As you may or may not be aware of, there is a state law which gives the presumption of getting Hepititis-C while on duty to police officers, firefighters and medical personnel unless the employer can show proof that the injured person contracted the virus either prior to or while off duty.

    The workers compensation case was closed back in Nov of 2006, and I have yet received a judgement from the sitting Judge when he only has 60-90 days to give his ruling according to state law.

    In 2007, I started to get worse in regards to my health condition and was taken off of the streets and placed on desk duty within the 17th district as a gang/crime intelligence officer. In May of 2008, I was hospitalized as a result of my medical condition getting worse. After I was released from the hospital, I was cleared by both the city of Philadelphia medical doctors at 18th & Fairmount ave and by my doctor, who is a specialist in Hep-C and works at the Pennsylvania hospital to return to work with the only restriction of not being allowed to work the streets for safety reasons and to continue my duties as a gang intelligence officer working behind a desk.

    At that time, the police department’s safety office informed me that since I still had a pending workers compensation case against the city. That they didn’t have to follow the doctors restrictions, and I would have to either do one of four things for me to stay working. 1) to get a written memo from only the police commissioner allowing me to continue to work behind a desk 2) to get both the city doctors and my doctor to write a note stating that I can return to full police duties 3) drop my workers compensation case so that I can continue to work or 4) to take a medical leave of absence until I am healthy enough to work.

    Since I didn’t agree with the four choices that I was given, I was forced to take a medical leave of absence since I still had the responsibility to provide for my wife and two small children. In September of 2008, the city informed me that I would not longer receive a paycheck and that they were dropping me from the medical insurance. Since then I have been lucky enough to receive medical insurance from my wife’s employer, but the loss of my income has placed a stress on my families well being. As you may or may not be aware of, Hepititis-C falls under the American Disability Act and my condition has made a turn for the worse.

    I have spoken to the police commissioner’s office, the Mayor’s office and the deputy Mayor of public safety’s office in regards to how the police department has violated the American Disability Act. I have only received a response from the deputy mayor of public safety’s office stating that there is nothing that they can do for me and that if I wanted my job back, that I would have to fight the city in federal court to get it back.

    I have heard from the medical personnel at 18th & Fairmount ave that I am not the only police officer who has contracted Hep-C and are going through the same circumstances as I am.

    In May of 2009, I will be forced to either resign from my position or be fired by the city since I will have used up the entire 365 days of medical leave of absence. I would like to let the good citizens of Philadelphia know how this city treats it’s injured officers.

    If you feel that this would make a good story, I would be honored to sit down with you and other media personnel and tell my story.

    I can be reached at (215) 828-5695 cell or (267) 319-1634 house, email:

    Respectfully submitted,

    Emil Bucceroni

  • Kim Galindez

    Hi my name is Kim and I’m extremely interested in moving my mother into one of your new units. Can you please provide me with a phone number and any other information I may need to be sure she may get the possibility of maybe doing so. You can reach me at 267-939-2400. That’s my cell phone number. Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. Kim

  • Liza

    I have a beautiful home fully renovated in the Frankford area if you or anyone is interested email me

  • Liza

    Hello are you looking for a new home for your mother? We have a beautiful newly renovated home in Frankford for sale in you are interested.

  • Kim Galindez

    Liza I’m interested in the units that they are building on Harribson ave the new senior homes where st. Bart’s use to be. Is what I’m interested in. Not a house.

  • Kim Galindez

    Liza I’m not interested in a home. Like a house. I’m interested in getting her into the newly renovated senior living homes on harribson ave. where st. Bart’s is. She needs assistant living. Please let me know. Thank you

  • Liza

    Oh ok. I’m sorry. I do t have any information about that. Good luck with your search.