Art Holiday For Rant, wait what?!

I know two things, they’re from New York, and they’re asian.

Art Holiday in Frankford For Rant

Art Holiday For Rent Frankford

  • Joseph

    Dollar Store or Buffet.

  • Jim

    I’d like to see a Vietnamese noodle house go in there.

  • Tim Wisniewski

    I’ve always wondered how things like this happen. They clearly have to get it made from some sort of sign-making shop. Does the sign-maker just not say anything about the spelling?

  • Jim

    My wife likes making a lot of Asian dishes and so we find ourselves in the oriental supermarkets across the boulevard a lot. Like the one behind the Home Depot and by the Vietnamese noodle joints on Adams. And almost all of the English adverts in there are the same way.

  • Joseph

    Ben City.

  • IbeBack

    Noodle house would be nice. I’m second for that. We already have a dollar store on 4300 block of Frankford.