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Seal-Tite Factory Pops Up On My Radar

I really feel like I’m just getting up to speed with what’s going on down in East Frankford.  I pulled this off of the Globe Dye Works brochure.  I did not know there was such a factory, nor did I know it had already been developed by the Globe Development Group.  Go figure.  I’ve done this blog for 2 years and I keep discovering some very cool things going on in East Frankford.  Here’s the google street view for it’s location at Tackawanna and John streets.


I pulled the following graphic off of the brochure also, quite a little cluster of goodness going on isn’t there?  And we need a name for this triangle between Frankford, Torresdale.  I’m liking “Old Frankford”.  And where do we end it’s northern border? Church St? Kinsey St?  We just gotta cultivate this.


16 thoughts on “Seal-Tite Factory Pops Up On My Radar

  1. Frankford, Torresdale and Kinsey St, hmm I guess “Eastern Triangle Frankford” or “Triangle Historic Frankford.” I like the word Historic. It sounds more classy.

  2. Wow loft’s in the hood. I can’t image walking down that part of Frankford in the day time let alone night time. Athough they have off street parking. Very dangerous. Drugs dealers on the corner of Church and Tacawanna. Drug dealers and crack houses on Orchard street across from Riehl bldg. Why would someone move to east Frankford? The streets are so dirty. Check out Northwood, big victorians and cleaner an a hell of alot safer. That being said I went to a yard sale at one of the loft’s (Seal-Tite) where the tenant was moving back to NY. I was REALLY impressed with the loft and what they did with the space. He said he will be paying his gas bill to heat that place for the next four years. His place was huge, his ceilings were at least 25 feet high. He said he felt like a prisoner at night because it was so scary at night. His girlfriend never stayed there alone. I think this loft thing is trendy, until we can some safe bars(where cop’s don’t get shot) resturants, and some GOOD people coming back. Why would someone want to move to east Frankford? The loft’s are cool but very very pricey. Check the rent a month out. Not including gas and electric. Check out Northwood. We are cleaner, safer, dog friendly parks and a coffee shop and NO drug dealers on every corner.We have lot’s of trees and shade too.

  3. Why would someone move to east Frankford? Cause it’s way cheaper than Fishtown and Northern Liberties. I don’t think there’s anything stopping the Globe Dye Works from filling up. And anyone coming from the El will be walking down Church Street. East Frankford will keep getting better and better.

  4. Cheaper? The loft’s in Frankford are very expensive. Location-Location_Location. Would you buy a house next to Seal-Tite??? Or I can sell you one right next door from Reihl mill for $30000. I really don’t mind the location of Globe but the Reihl and Tacawanna mills are really dangerous. I would not want my daughter living down there would you?

  5. If my daughter were gonna live in 19124 she might as well live down there. Hell if she were gonna live anywhere south of Rhawn, she might as well live there.

    And yes, cheaper. I’m not completely certain about the Old Mill and Seal-Tite but the Globe Dye Works live/work spaces are going for .75 cents a square foot a month. Go find that somewhere else. There’s actually a crew on that were marvelling at how cheap it was. And I have personally spoken with a bunch of people living in those joints that consider it, and Frankford, a real value.

    And as for who would buy a 30k house down there, I’m going to find you someone who answers yes to that.

  6. ok Jim, South of Rhawn. I thought about it and thats the last place I would live (east frankford).I mean you got mayfair, castor gardens. I would take any house(south of Rhawn) before I moved on Tackawanna street. Maybe cause I got robbed collecting my rents, My rental’s get broking into. Pure F***** animals. I’m sorry because I grew up in this neighborhood and I see they sell drugs in the open. Too many crack houses and I forgot whore’s.The streets are filty. Jim I don’t think you can even compare our neiborghood to Fishtown or Northern Liberties. We need more then 3 mills to change this thing around. Don’t get me wrong jim I will be the first to jump on this bandwagon. But I don’t know where to start. Do you? You can give me a call someday and get a plan started. I’m looking at a house on Plum street tomorrow I’ll keep you posted. I’ll make your daughter a good deal:)

  7. I love East Frankford. It is a great value and a great location. I’m in center city in 30 minutes and the suburbs in 15 minutes. I wouldn’t think of moving. Several friends of my friends live in the far northeast and can’t enjoy life because ther mortgage is so high, not to mention taxes. Crime happens everywhere.

  8. Crime happens everywhere. Not everynight. Do you fell safe? Can you walk out your door at night? Maybe its me. If you live in mayfair you can walk Frankford Ave. If you lived in Kensington you would have less of a mortgage and get downtown in 14 minutes. What do you “love” about east frankford besides getting out to CC and surbubs. What inside of east frankford do you love? If I was to move to Philly from NY, why would I choose Frankford over Kensington?

  9. Yeah I don’t think Frankford has much in common with Northern Liberties and Fishtown, other than these factory conversions appeal to them, and they’re cheaper than what’s going on in Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and Kensigton.

    I do think East Frankford has many many things in common with Kensington, and Kensington is up and coming. I really don’t disagree with anything you say Joseph. And I absolutely agree that East Frankford needs more than these building conversions, but I think this is the start.

  10. Yeah it’s a start. Layers was really impressive. It was kinda cool having that in my neighborhood. I really just went to check out the loft’s. I didn’t find the art too interesting. I then went to eat at a bar in Fishtown and on my way home I drove by Globe to see if was still jumpin that was around 10:30- 11:00 and their were alot of hipsters outside. A good sign til I was going home and their was a little kid in daipers playing in the middle of the street while her mom was on her cell phone and her music was blasting out a speaker out front of her livingroom window Back to reality.

  11. Frankford will change. This city is in a constant change. Back in 2003 and 2004, I have an opportunity to get a few homes for 30k which need some work around 2nd and Gerald ave. Well I didn’t understand that area enough and my crystal ball couldn’t tell me what will happen a few years down the road. Who know what the future will bring but we know for facts. Some people already move into East Frankford. Some abandon buildings and homes are reclaimed and fixed up. This trend will continue one the housing market will improve.

  12. I guess it is who’s going to move into these houses. I know none of my friends would. We need decent people. There is not enough decent people in east frankford. We have some, not enough. Just keep your property neat and clean.And respect you neighbor. Its that simple.

  13. On the issue of crime, if you take a close look at the crime map that I compile every 2 weeks from the official police crime map site, it shows that the area of east Frankford from Meadow south is not all that bad. That does not include drug arrests but it does include violent crimes.

    I am not sure why. I go down some of those blocks and they are as nice as any where I grew up in Bridesburg. Then you go down the street to the next block and you find the opposite. There are a lot of good people over there.

    Our objective with the Frankford Gazette is to provide balance. The most effective lie is to just tell half the truth. Yes there is crime in Frankford. Now what is left unsaid is the most important part of the story. That is the story we want to tell.

  14. Well, I haven’t been to Bridesburg in several years. I drive threw once in a while thats it. So I decided to see if it was what I remembered. I was truly amazed how meticulous the homes were. Almost every house had flags. Old ladies sweeping the outside of their homes. I noticed an Old fashion hardware store, baseball card shop for kids, a neat flower shop that was closed. So I decided to get out and walk. Gil I don’t know what blocks you are talking about but I didn’t see any filth, drug dealers, whores, abanded houses. What took me is that the people were so friendly. I was told that there was a memorial day parade tomorrow! String bands and all. Well, I had seen enough so I went back to my truck to head home. Yes threw East Frankford. Gil, I’m sure their is a lot of good people over there but it is riduculous.

  15. Thank You for the updates in EAST FRANKFORD. I have lived here since 1960 & yes, there have been many changes. Many have not been for the better. Years ago when I saw those gates going up on the storefronts on Frankford Ave., it saddened me. Having grown up in southwest Philly, I saw the same situation precede the decimation of a neighborhood. It is so heartening to hear positives about East Frankford.

    If we rename the east side to Old Frankford, do include Tackawanna St. throught to Womrath St. My house was built in1902. That’s a bit old.

  16. Tackawanna and Womrath is dead center in the middle of Olde Frankford.

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