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Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day has historically been a day of reflection in commemoration those who have given their lives in service to our country.  It began as Decoration Day and was the day when the living decorated the graves of the fallen in memory of their service.  These days it’s  barbeques, big box store sales and lots of flag waving.

On this Monday, May 27th, Let us not forget the men and women who one day left home for the final time.

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Looking for Everett Sons

From Patricia Biswanger”

I know this is an extremely long shot, but did anyone happen to know EVERETT SONS? He and his wife OLIVE SHEVLIN SONS lived in Frankford most of their adult lives; they both died in the early 70s. (They were my grandparents.) If you have a parent or grandparent still living who lived in Frankford in the 50s, 60s, or 70s,, can you please ask that person if s/he knew EVERETT SONS or OLIVE SONS? (If so, please message Patricia Biswanger on Facebook.

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Thank You

I was just reviewing our Amazon book sales page and saw 5 books sold so far in September.  That was a lot of books but what surprised me was that they were all to one person.

3 were the “Heroes of Frankford High School” and 1 each of “Frankford Stories” and “Frankford Heroes“.

The “Heroes of Frankford High School” has been very popular this year.  It attempts to include all students (over 200 men and 1 woman) who attended Frankford High and later gave their life in service to their country.

Frankford Heroes is the story of the Frankford residents who gave their lives in service from the Civil war to the present time.  Frankford Stories is a good read about life in Frankford.  Its lots of nostalgia.

These books all came out of my experience of writing the Frankford Gazette for 13 years. I met Leon Brantley and he introduced me to Ned Johnson and they wanted some recognition for Frankford veterans.  Since I’m a veteran myself, I agreed and we started a monthly feature for the veteran of the month.

Doing all those stories, it reminded me that veterans are the ones who came home.  That was when I started to look for the stories of those who did not return. Every veteran remembers the day that he left home for basic training after taking the oath, not knowing what lay ahead.

Every Veterans Day we take pride in our service but think back to the sacrifice of those who did not return.  It could have been any one of us.

Veterans day is November 11th.

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Frankford High Jr. ROTC Color Guard

For the first time in over 6 years, Bridesburg Lawton Post No 2 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the USA hosted an American Flag Retirement/Destruction Ceremony on July 8th at the post headquarters at 4638 Richmond Street in Bridesburg.

Supported by the Boy Scouts of Troop 120 who performed the actual retirement ceremony and destruction of the American flags by burning, the post provided the emcee, rifle team, bugler and logistical support (refreshments and pizza) for the event, which was held in 90 degree temperatures and 70% humidity.

Add the heat of the fire and it was an intensely hot time. The scouts destroyed several hundred American and service flags of all shapes and sizes.

The Frankford High School JROTC provided a color guard for the event.

Joe Fraioli

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Lead the Way

Lead The Way

When you’re a father, don’t shy away.

Stand in the light so everyone can see,
What it takes to be a father and Lead the Way.

With strength and fairness and something to say,
Be the strength and the backbone for your family everyday.

Because a father is the one person we look up to – to show us the way.
Because one day will be Father’s and this is what we’ll say,
We learned from our father who showed us the way.