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Tired and Weak

Tired and Weak

When Trouble arrives by the truckload, you may be missing your blessing because you’re not at home.

Can somebody tell me where did I go wrong, my blessing came, and I wasn’t home.

Sometimes when you run the streets you never know who you going to meet.

 Someone who’s tired, someone who’s weak, someone who knows what it’s like to be on the streets.

So, do yourself a favor and go back home, and you’ll find that your prayers were answered, and you were never alone.

The man who you ran into, who was tired, and weak. He prayed for you to get off the street.

So, pray for him not because he prayed for you, but you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do, and pray he too can get off the street.

Because he’s tired, and he’s weak, and with your prayers he may get off the street.

Because he’s tired, and he’s weak.



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Congratulations Kevin Whalen

Reported by: 

Joe Fraioli
1SG(Ret), USA
Army Instructor, Junior ROTC
Frankford High School
Even though school is out we have been travelling through the local neighborhoods and presenting awards that our students were to receive if we were in school.
The photo is of soon to be senior Kevin Whalen who was presented with the Sons of the American Revolution Junior ROTC medal and certificate. In addition to that he also received a coin from the Military Order of the Purple Heart for showing Leadership & Volunteerism in the Junior ROTC and the Frankford community.