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Early in the morning when I have nothing to do,
Out of nowhere this breeze blows through,
And then I stop and l think of you.

I haven’t seen you in over a year.
But this feeling I have keeps you near.
I don’t understand, we never argue, we never had a fight.
But the next thing I know you were out of my sight.

I’m totally confused this can’t be right,
When I think of all the memories everything seems to be all right,
We didn’t argue, we didn’t fight.

So early in the morning when I have nothing to do,
And that breeze just keeps pushing through,
I stopped and I wonder what happened to you.

It’s been over a year so I conclude,
You must have found it was time to move on.
But that doesn’t stop that breeze from blowing through.

This only happens when I have nothing to do
and in my mind I can only think of you.
That early morning breeze just keeps pushing through.


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Presents a New Program via ZOOM


Sunday, November 1 at 1:00 p.m.

HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND COLONIAL ERA – What they didn’t teach you in high school

by Historian & Educator – our own – Herb Kaufman

Many people love to read historical fiction, but this is historical reality.  Legends and lore have become a significant part of American history of the Revolutionary War and the colonial era.

 Among others, historical reality seeks to answer: “Who is Molly Pitcher and did she really fire a cannon at Monmouth” … “Did George Washington honestly have wooden teeth?” … “Where did Paul Revere actually ride?” …  “What really happened on the Fourth of July?” … “What is the true story of the Liberty Bell?”

The history of the American Revolution and the colonial era are full of lore, myths, half-truths and just plain inaccuracies that have become a part of American history.

Every day stories are repeated in schools, museums, and television programs because they are catchy, humorous or entertaining; but we are going to separate fact from fiction.

This program focuses on these mysterious, misrepresented and often imagined incidents and events.  You will learn the truth about the Revolutionary War and colonial myths, stories and events that they never taught you in high school.

Please send a request to reserve a virtual seat for this outstanding presentation by replying to this e-mail at

You will be sent a link with a password that will enable you to access the program within 24 hours of the start of the presentation.

As a lover of history, you know how critical it is to keep history alive, especially today!  We very much appreciate your continued support for the GAR Civil War Museum.

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Greenwood Cemetery Tour

The Philly Captain is not always historically accurate but he is always interesting.  Here he starts out at the Knights of Pythias/Greenwood Cemetery on Adams Avenue.

Come Sail with The Captain as he shows you some graves from 3 different cemeteries in Philadelphia. See the grave of the parents of W.C. Fields and hear about the worst mother of all time. See a Blue Note, an American Hero and two baseball players.


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The Story of Wistar Park

The Historical Society of Frankford live streamed Fred Prescott’s presentation of the Story of Wistar Park last night in place of their regular monthly in person meeting.

Fred is our former neighbor from Griscom Street and his roots go way back in Frankford history.  He packed a lot of history into this video.  Take a look.