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Stay Strong

Stay Strong

There comes a time in everyone’s life,
Whether you go left, or you go right,
You will still feel the pain.

The loss of a loved one,
The loss of a child,
And airplanes falling out of the sky,

Tornadoes walking over mountains high,
Wildfires blowing out of control,
Snow so high you can’t see the road,
And rain coming down with nowhere to go,

Sometimes life is out of control,
But you must stand fast and get a hold,

Tomorrow could be a brighter day,
Whether you’re right,
or whether you’re wrong,
You will still feel the pain,

By Lenny Jaynes

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Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum & Library Open House Program

Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum & Library Open House Program

Sunday ‘Open House’ Civil War History presentation
2nd Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm (Note earlier start time)
Annual Holiday 28th Pennsylvania Regimental Brass Band Concert
featuring Civil War era favorite tunes and songs
Our Annual Membership Meeting will be held following the concert.
The Concert is FREE & Open to the public.
Historic Ruan House • 4278 Griscom Street• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124 •
(215) 289-6484 •
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Love and Laughter

Love and Laughter

Let me tell you how you make me feel today,
you say love and laughter is coming my way.

With no way but up, I’m feeling okay,
with love and laughter coming my way.

Without your sweet words, I don’t know what to say,
so let me thank you for the encouragement you’re giving me today.

And thank you for your guidance that you have given me,
with strength in your love, I think I understand.

With all the love and laughter come my way,
so at the end of the day, I’m doing okay,
with love and laughter come my way.


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Makes No Difference

Makes No Difference

When your candle flickers out,
there’s nothing more to be said.
When your candle flickers out,
all the good, the bad, and the sad,
there’s no time to straighten out.

When your candle flickers out,
you think you left a legacy behind,
but all you left was the dash.
The dash stands for the beginning and the end,
when your candle flickers out.

One day your candle was burning bright,
but now the candle’s out.
It doesn’t make a difference of how good or how bad you’ve been,
it still comes down to the dash.
It is your beginning and your end,
and now the candle’s out.

by Lenny Jaynes