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Your Smile


If I could roll back the Sun, and make this a longer day.
It would give me more time to see your smile, and your heavenly ways.
Oh, if I could hold back the Sun, and make it a longer day.
Your smile tells me there’s no more wars, only peace today – what more can you ask a smile to say?
If I could hold back the Sun for just one day.
Your smile will melt all the Troubles of the day.


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When the stars give into the morning, as the earth circles the sun,
And Moon keeps circling earth, and flowers sip on the morning dew.

As the birds continue to chirp. Then the alarm clock starts ringing,
And you know it’s time to go to work. You get up, and you start singing.

Oh, what a Beautiful Day. Then you say to yourself what a good feeling,
If everyone could feel this way.
Then I knew this would be a better world to live in,
As the Sun keeps shining through.

So, take time early in the morning, to watch the flowers as they sip the morning dew.
Because when the stars give into daybreak, Life Begins anew.

Lenny Jaynes

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Everyday Blues


Looking for someone I can tell my story to.
Looking for someone who understands the Blues.
Is there anybody out there with nothing else to lose?
Because when you’re not thinking about it; here come those everyday blues,
And in a blink of an eye, you’re in a different mood.

So, when you walk around with your head hanging down.
This is What people don’t understand, it’s all about those everyday Blues.
But when you realize you have a lot to lose, that’s when you should stretch out your hand and Whisper a Silent prayer,
And He’ll be there too take hold of your hand, and chase away those everyday blues.


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You Never Forget


The little things that we tend to forget, as life moves bye so very swift.
A baby’s first smile, your very first kiss,
Water running over your feet as you walk near the beach.
Your very first ride on a Merry-Go-Round as the horse you’re riding goes up and down,
The first time you see a shooting star.
Just remember it’s the little things in life that make you who you are.
It doesn’t matter how old you get; you never will forget that very first kiss.
You may not remember the day, the time, or the hour.
But you never will forget, the – ONE – You gave, your very first kiss.

By Lenny Jaynes