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Belmont Tree

Belmont Tree

There is a tree up on the hill that sets itself apart,
From the daffodils and other trees that flourish in the park.

This tree has lost all of its leaves, and its will to live on in the park.
A tree that has stood tall for many years, and now it’s losing its outer bark.

But yet, there were times when it stood tall all through the day, and shadows in the dark,
and turned its branches to the sky in all kinds of weather – “leaning one way then the other – when the wind continues to blow.”

A tree that stood on the hilltop with branches trying to reach the morning sun. When it was young, people would come, and sit beneath its cooling shade, and lean upon its trunk.

But now it’s old, and there is no shade to hold back the sun’s heat waves. One day the men will come and take the tree away.

When everything seems to be okay, they will plant another tree. Hoping that it will grow, and cover the hilltop with lots of lovely shade, and maybe a swirling breeze to make it a wonderful day.

“Then People will come – play and run – under the shade of the newly planted Belmont tree.”

By Lenny Jaynes

The tree may have been planted as part of a tribute to World War 1 veterans.

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It’s not easy raising a family today,
You work hard – for very little pay.
Wake up early and struggle through the day,
wondering how you going to pay those bills you just made – with very little pay.
Yes, it’s no wonder how you make it from day-to-day,
Paycheck-to-paycheck – for very little pay.
Holidays are coming so you must pray,
And thank God for giving you the strength to make it through the day,
And thank Him for all the blessings He sent your way,
And let Him know that you’re THANKFUL – for that – very little pay.


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I won’t call you imperfect, I won’t call you damaged goods, it’s just some days you’re misunderstood.

It’s not yellow, it’s not red, it’s something that’s going on inside of your head.

It’s not musical chairs, it’s not a game that we play, something is going wrong inside of your head.

Could it be that you’re Longing for Better Days, could it be you’re getting older, and the medication that you take.

Sometimes you call me by the wrong name, I stopped and I look and I shake my head, but I answer knowing that’s not my name.

Because I want to keep that smile forever, on your face. Because, one day I may get older with God’s grace,

And I hope someone would want to keep a smile forever, on my face. Because, getting older is no disgrace.

So, try as you get older, to keep a smile – on your face.

By Lenny Jaynes

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Your Smile


If I could roll back the Sun, and make this a longer day.
It would give me more time to see your smile, and your heavenly ways.
Oh, if I could hold back the Sun, and make it a longer day.
Your smile tells me there’s no more wars, only peace today – what more can you ask a smile to say?
If I could hold back the Sun for just one day.
Your smile will melt all the Troubles of the day.


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When the stars give into the morning, as the earth circles the sun,
And Moon keeps circling earth, and flowers sip on the morning dew.

As the birds continue to chirp. Then the alarm clock starts ringing,
And you know it’s time to go to work. You get up, and you start singing.

Oh, what a Beautiful Day. Then you say to yourself what a good feeling,
If everyone could feel this way.
Then I knew this would be a better world to live in,
As the Sun keeps shining through.

So, take time early in the morning, to watch the flowers as they sip the morning dew.
Because when the stars give into daybreak, Life Begins anew.

Lenny Jaynes