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Shelter in Place


As the world continues to spin out of control,
And we can no longer handle the truth.
We must travel in the light of understanding.
And shake off the shadows of doubt.

Because when the wisdom of man becomes in doubt –
This will bring us to the understanding that the higher power will figure this out.
So, don’t feel neglected when evil trots all around you,
Stop and look to the heavens for understanding,
And God will figure this out.

So do not reach out for your own understanding.
That’s why we say you must stop, and shelter in place.
And don’t come to your own conclusion –
Because God has the answer, and He’s already figured it out.

Lenny Jaynes

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Thank You Anne T.

Thanks to Anne T. who gave us a nice review on for our book “Frankford Stories”.  It was brief but much appreciated.

I do not check our book page on Amazon very often. Although we have sales every month, it does not amount to a lot and I am just happy that some folks are reading about some of the good things about Frankford.  I was really surprised to see 2 books were purchased in England.  Is that you Tim Wisniewski?

“Frankford Stories” is a collection of stories about Frankford.  We have a nice collection of story tellers who were good enough to take the time to look back and remember.

Our first book was “Frankford Heroes”  and that is about all of the guys from Frankford who gave their lives in service.

Our most recent book was “The heroes of Frankford high School which documents all those who attended Frankford High and died in service.  There were over 200 men and 1 woman.

As you know we retired and moved to Virginia in 2019.  I still miss walking the streets of Frankford and riding the El.  St. Marks, 2nd Baptist, St.  Joachim, Northeast Baptist, the Old Heads Game, Gambrel, Frankford Chargers, the memories call you back.

All the big cities have their problems right now but Philadelphia and Frankford are still home.  Until next time, Peace.

This is a link to our Frankford page on Amazon – Click Here

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In Your Hands


Where there’s a beginning, there must be an end.
Let’s start at the beginning, where I place my heart in your hands.
There’s not a lot of things that I hold dear.
But this is my heart, so I need you to take care.

Don’t use it as a weapon, use it as a shield –
To hold back temptation and to keep me near.
When things happen, and you don’t understand, just stand back!
Because you have a shield, to hold back all things you don’t understand.
That’s why I put my heart in your hands.

So, when the strong winds blow you from side to side, look in your hand,
And use my heart as a guide, to keep you on a straight and narrow path,
That’s why I know our love is going to last.
So, this is the reason I hope you understand,
That’s why I put – my heart in your hands.

Lenny Jaynes

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Wandering Eyes


Don’t blame me for seeing your true beauty,
Don’t blame me for seeing your bright smile.
So, stop and look around, and you will see.
It’s not me, it’s all about my wandering eyes.
I may have seen you from a distance,
I may have seen you when you pass by.
So, don’t blame me if I’m looking, it’s not about me –
It’s all about my wandering eyes.
If I see you on the Avenue,
If I see you on the dance floor.
It doesn’t make any difference, cuz
It’s all about my wandering eyes.
So, if I see you on the corner,
If I see you on a trolley car,
Don’t blame me for looking –
It’s all about my wandering eyes.

Lenny Jaynes

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Stress Free


If rain could wash away a mountain. If the sun could dry up the sea.
Just stop and think how wonderful life could be – if you would pray for peace of mind, and be stress free.
Then God would whisper in your ear, I know how hard you have worked.
Now it’s time you focus on yourself, and treasure – all your memories.
Because I knew you’ve done your very best. “Now give all your stress to me”.

Lenny Jaynes