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Free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at Frankford High

I am excited to reach out to you today to share that we will be hosting a free COVID-19 Vaccine clinic here at Frankford High School next Wednesday, July 21st. Our Partners from CityLife Health will be providing the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to any member of the Frankford Community ages 12 and above. This includes parents, grandparents, and siblings of Frankford students. The clinic will run from 8AM to 3PM and will be located in the gym. You can enter on the Oxford Avenue entrance. The second shot will be administered on Wednesday, August 11th. In order to receive a vaccine you must register beforehand through this vaccine link.

I am equally happy to share that our partners will also be providing sports physicals to all of our student athletes. If you are a student athlete and want a physical  you will also need to register through this sport physical link.

Please check for more updates and additional information on our social media accounts:

Facebook: @FrankfordHighSchool – Instagram: @Frankfordhs – Twitter: @FrankfordHS

Dr. Michael J. Calderone, Principal
Frankford High School
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Things to Do

Things to Do

When I woke up this morning, that old sun came shining through.
I looked around, and I said – I have nothing to do.
Now let me think, and get out my list of things to do,
And think about the things I forgot to do.

Because when that sun comes shining through, life gets a whole lot better.
That’s when I think about getting out of the house, and getting a new hairdo,
Polish my fingers, and my toes, and forget about the work I know I have to do.

When I look over that old list there may be a few things I may have missed.
But on a sunny day – like this, I think I’ll go out, and spend some money.
Because on sunny days life gets a little funny,
You need to get out of that house buy a new dress and spend some money.
Because that old list of things to do, will be there tomorrow when you have nothing to do.


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Community Police Meeting at St. Marks

Reported by Joe Taylor of the 15th Police District Advisory Council (PDAC).

The first  in person 15th Police District PSA1 meeting IN OVER A YEAR was hosted by St. Mark’s Church on Thursday July 8th.  Captain Walker was on vacation so, Lt. John Venit conducted the meeting.  Topics of discussion were many:

  • Fireworks.  They are legal in Pennsylvania but not in Philadelphia.  Fireworks are only allowed with a permit and cannot be used within 150 Feet of an occupied building.
  •  Dumping of tires. G. M. and T. K. talked about the tires being dumped Behind the Salvation Army bldg. on Griscom St. They said the landlord of the bldg. where Family Dollar is located, they have seen some of his hired workers dumping the tires.   They have stacked all of the tires nice and neat. Lt Venit will drive by and check it out.
  • Greg Bucceroni, mentioned for dumped tires call 911. This way the event is logged into the system then submit a request to 311 with a photo about the tires.
  • Talked about the heavy foot traffic in the St. Mark’s Parking lot around 4:00AM.  They are all well dressed, going to a store on the 4400 block of Frankford ave.  Has also seen some drug deals going down at the entrance to the church parking lot.
  • Dirt bikes and four-wheel quads. They are illegal to drive on Philadelphia Streets.
    City working on changing the law to cover all dirt bikes and quads.  Lt Vinit mentioned they are not allowed to chase these individual.  If the dirt bike or quad is parked on the street or sidewalk then they can impound dirt bike or quad.
  • Lt. Venit advised if any business would like to have a police officer stop by, then send the Company name and address and ask to have a patrol officer stop in occasionally.
  • The Capuchin Franciscan Friars at the Padre Pio Prayer Center on Church Street  sent in a message about 1520 Church St. that was turned into apartments. Many people coming and going. Seems like something is going on at this place.
  • Request to obtain a key to lock down playgrounds after 10 PM.  Greg B. mentioned that it is usually the maintenance people that have the key for locking playgrounds.
  • Old school bus that is no longer owned by any school bus system. The bus is parked on Oxford Ave.  Outside of Frankford High School. It has been vandalized and homeless now living in the bus.
  • Group of Dominican boys hanging out in the Northwood area playing music.  Quality of life issue. Lt. Venit mentioned the last time they arrested these boys none of them lived in the Frankford Area.

The next 15th District PSA1 meeting will be held at a date and time to be announced.




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Frankford CDC Is Hiring

Would you or someone you know be interested in joining our  team? We’re currently looking to hire a new Commercial Corridor Manager and Corridor Cleaners! See descriptions below. To apply, email your resume and cover letter (Word document or PDF) to with the applicable job title in the subject heading.  Please see job descriptions below.


Commercial Corridor Manager

 Position Function
The corridor manager will be expected to cultivate relationships with a diverse business and client base, deliver services to businesses and entrepreneurs, make referrals, and help businesses navigate city departments and programs.

A bachelor’s degree is required; a master’s degree in urban planning, economic development, or related field is preferred. A minimum of two years of community and development related experience preferred. Volunteer/intern work experience will be considered in lieu of paid work experience. Qualified candidate must work with a diverse population, exhibit strong written and verbal communication skills, be familiar with Microsoft Office, Zoom, and Google Drive.

Duties + Responsibilities

  • Maintain relationships/contacts with local businesses owners and business association members and other organizations along the Frankford Avenue business corridor.
  • Serve as a liaison between local business owners and City departments.
  • Provide assistance to business owners for City Grant Applications (Storefront Improvement Program, InStore Program, etc).
  • Contribute quarterly articles for the organization’s newsletter for events involving the commercial corridor, businesses resources, and business association meetings.
  • Maintain resource library for businesses along with existing business database.
  • Coordinate and execute all special events for Frankford Pause Park Programming
  • Responsible for quarterly reporting of all activities in the established format.
  • Participate in community engagement outreach to residents and business owners about Frankford CDC events and programing.
  • Attend community meetings facilitated by other organizations in Frankford.
  • Compile a commercial property database for properties along the commercial corridor.
  • Other duties as requested by the Executive Director.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Must be able to relate effectively with community residents.

Work Environment and Primary Work Locations
Must be flexible to work on evening and some weekend activities. The primary location will be the designated agency at which the program operates. The work environment may include other venues at which the program may have activities such as health fairs, job fairs, and/or housing fairs.  *Subject to change due to COVID*

Physical Considerations
Moderate physical exertion required (walking). Must have the ability to engage in door-to-door outreach/canvassing.

Starting Salary Range
$34,000 – $36,000 + Benefits


Corridor Cleaning Assistant

The Frankford CDC’s Corridor Cleaning Assistance program assist in the cleaning of sidewalks on the Frankford Avenue commercial corridor. Under this program, FCDC
also undertakes public space maintenance activities, litter reduction campaigns and community engagement.

Duties of Corridor Cleaning Assistants:

  • Clean the sidewalks and out to eighteen (18) inches in the streets; this area shall cover the curb and storm inlets.
  • Clean all four (4) corners of any intersection found at the end of cleaning routes;
  • Clean a minimum of twenty (20) feet along any secondary side streets that intersect with the primary commercial streets to be cleaned;
  • Ensure that weeds or grass are no higher than eight (8) inches on all sidewalks along each route;
  • Remove posters, stickers and other debris off street furniture including parking, telephone poles and traffic signs; and
  • Assist with cleaning and maintenance of other public spaces and vacant lots on Frankford Avenue
  • Assist with promotion of litter reduction campaigns and community engagement
  • Assist with promotion and distribution of COVID-19 related resources for small business along Frankford Avenue
  • Track number of blocks cleaned and number of bags used during cleaning.
  • Make 311 reports for all city related issues (i.e. graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping, etc.)

The above activities shall be performed in the commercial area from the 4200 block to the 5200 block of Frankford Avenue.

Starting Salary 
$15/ hr


Neighborhood Energy Center Coordinator

The Frankford CDC’s Neighborhood Energy Center Coordinator will be responsible for providing comprehensive energy services to low-income households.

Services to be provided include:

  • Intake for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Intake or referral to Crisis;
  • Utility bill payment assistance programs including: the Philadelphia Gas Works Workshop Program, energy counseling Weatherization Assistance Program, energy education; and other energy related service
  • Starting Salary – $15/hr