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In My Dreams


As the sun turns down its glow, and a blue light hits the snow,
Everyone knows – it’s Christmas.
As the wind continues to blow, and icicles start to form,
As the snowflakes put on a show, dancing to and fro then everyone knows, by the joy you show, Deep in your heart – it must be Christmas.

So, gather around the tree, so everyone can see.
How beautiful life would be, if you we’re here with me.
If not, then Maybe in my dreams I’ll see, and this would mean so much to me, and a very merry Christmas.
If only – if only in my dreams.


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15th District PSA1 Meeting

This month’s Philadelphia Police 15th District PSA1 Community meeting with Lieutenant Becker will be held at our parish Thursday evening – December 8 – at 7pm.

We will discuss your quality of life concerns, safety issues, and share resources and upcoming events in our community.
Your input and feedback is needed to make a difference!
We multiply our impact when more people are engaged and involved. Please invite your block captains, friends, and neighbors to attend with you! All who live, work, worship, and volunteer in Frankford, Northwood, Bridesburg, Wissinoming, and all neighborhoods that form part of PSA1 are warmly welcomed.

Enter Parking lot from 4400 block of GRISCOM (no vehicle entry from Frankford Ave)
Proceed on foot to Frankford Ave
Enter Meeting hall by way of courtyard gate adjacent to Frankford Hardware
Light refreshments will be served
Children welcome; bring a friend or neighbor too!

If you are unable to attend but would like me to raise an issue on your behalf or share your upcoming event, just let me know. Likewise, if you have a flyer for an event or resource and need copies printed for distribution at the meeting, feel free to send my way via email by 2pm Wednesday.

In peace,

Cristina Mancini
Senior Warden

St. Mark’s Church, Frankford
Phone: 215-535-0635 Mobile: 267-614-0345
4442 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124

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Too Slow


Listen my dear friend: I’m texting you because you’re not near,
I’m not texting you because I have nothing to do.
I’m texting you because – I really miss you.
So, if you don’t have time to text me back, that’ll be okay and I’ll understand.
Because that’s a part of life, that has the upper hand.
But, wait a minute, I have a text coming through, and what it’s saying – I miss you too.
So, it’s not always about texting that you should know,
Sometimes it’s just about friends – that move too slow.


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Gone Too Soon


Memories of days gone by.
When I close my eyes, I can still see your smile. like a big bother, like my best friend.
I remember that day you looked me right in the eye, and said things are going to happen.
So, don’t you cry. One day I’ll meet you in the sky, until that day this is goodbye.
So don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. But if you get Lonesome from time to time. Just look up to the sky, and you will see, I’ll be the brightest star you’ve ever seen.
So don’t you worry, and don’t you cry. Because one day we’ll be together, in the sky – gone too soon.

Lenny Jaynes