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Seal-Tite Factory Pops Up On My Radar

I really feel like I’m just getting up to speed with what’s going on down in East Frankford.  I pulled this off of the Globe Dye Works brochure.  I did not know there was such a factory, nor did I know it had already been developed by the Globe Development Group.  Go figure.  I’ve done this blog for 2 years and I keep discovering some very cool things going on in East Frankford.  Here’s the google street view for it’s location at Tackawanna and John streets.


I pulled the following graphic off of the brochure also, quite a little cluster of goodness going on isn’t there?  And we need a name for this triangle between Frankford, Torresdale.  I’m liking “Old Frankford”.  And where do we end it’s northern border? Church St? Kinsey St?  We just gotta cultivate this.