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Frankford is Waiting – Trax Foods

Nothing grows under the el. Nothing good anyways. I’ve heard that forever, and I’m too young to remember things being any different than they are now. But nothing stays garbage forever. And it’s already started creeping, albeit a few miles from our southern border at the Frankford Creek.

This is the first post in the Gazette’s meager attempt to track prosperity as it begins it’s climb up the spine the Market Frankford El.

First up is Trax Foods, a 24 deli strategically located under the massive shadow of the Girard Ave el stop. Now what makes this noteworthy? It doesn’t cover it’s windows with ciggy ads, nor takes access cards and it doesn’t even sell loosies!! It services those glorious yuppies and hipsters of Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

So I’m making the call, it’s 3.79 miles from Frankford. Come on people, FRANKFORD IS WAITING!!!!!