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Freelance Journalist and All Around Awesome Guy Found Living in Frankford

Christopher WinkChris Wink appears to be quite awesome.  Here he is being named one of the 100 top young journalists by UWire.  He’s written for the Philadelphia Weekly.  He has spoken at Temple’s 08 Commencement, and has been a guest on Fox 29 talking about politics and shit.

My father found him 3 days ago blogging about moving in, and I met his unphotoshopped self last night when he actually showed up at the halfway house Town Hall Meeting and talked about community involvement.

In all seriousness, I don’t usually call any non politician out by name, but on account of how he’s thrown himself up all over the internet, I just had to bring him up.  I had always considered Frankford a hidden gem, that only I knew about because I grew up here.  But apparently others are finding out too.  That someone as cool as this made a (probably) rational choice to come stay here a while gives me a lot of hope, because the reasons he chose Frankford were the same as mine, and now that makes two of us.  Now where’s my third?




2 thoughts on “Freelance Journalist and All Around Awesome Guy Found Living in Frankford

  1. Ha! Thanks for the shout out… I think. I’m excited to get involved as a neighbor, meet everyone, become active, and Hell, maybe even squeeze a story or three out of rough-and-tumble Frankford. I live just west of the Margaret Orthodox stop on the El. See me.

  2. Chris and Jim welcome to Frankford. I’s sure Frankford need a few more good man and woman as well.

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