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Google Stuns Gazette, Serves Up Ads Unrelated to Drug Dependency


We embed ads on this site to offset the cost of running The Frankford Gazette.  So far that cost is coming to $4.99 a month from Godaddy to host us, and $24.99 a year for the business cards from VistaPrint.  In 18 months of running ads, we’ve made a whopping $27.11.  I’ve blamed Google for our lackluster ad sales because all they run are drug dependency related adverts.  So it was with great joy that I found Google had placed ads for driver’s ed and locker room storage on our pages instead of the usual treatment addiction.

Now for the unitiated, I do not get to pick the ads that get shown here, Google does.  It searches the site for relevant content in our site(stuff we post) and it looks into it’s databases to see what it knows about Frankford(lots of drug rehab goodness).  And so we end up getting ads about overcoming methadone addiction, drug rehabs, etc.  So hopefully as we find more and more things to post about Frankford not related to crime and drugs, Google will change what it thinks about Frankford and modify it’s advertising accordingly.  At the very least, keep an eye on our “Ads by Google”, sometimes they can be most amusing.