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Frankford Health Care now Aria Health

Frankford HospitalIn what has surely been a long time coming, the Philadelphia Business Journal is reporting that Frankford Health Care Systems is changing it’s name to Aria Health.  They think the name “better reflects its dedication to providing the best clinical outcomes and personal experience in the greater Northeast Philadelphia and Bucks County region”.

You know, it is what is.  It’s fairly obvious the Frankford Hospital brand conjures thoughts of economic decline, especially to patients from Northeast Philly so you really can’t blame them.  But it just leaves me nostalgic for my own childhood.  My pediatrician had his offices on Oxford Ave.  The ear, nose and throat specialist who put my tubes in had his offices in Frankford too.  And they all worked out of our local Frankford hospital.

It really speaks to Frankford’s place in the Northeast.  Doctors offices once dotted the landscape.  But the times change, the Torresdale facility opened and stole all of the obstetrics away.  And the rest of the doctors went with them.  The same thing happened with Frankford(the neighborhood)’s residents.  They all went further and further into the Northeast.