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Townhouses Proposed in ummm….Frankford Valley?

Item number 17 for this Tuesday’s meeting of the City Planning Commission is a “preliminary plat” for a gateway townhouse development at Aramingo Ave and Church Street.  Although the writeup on is reporting this location as Port Richmond, it’s north of the Frankford Creek and so is safely within Frankford’s borders.

But aside from the nitpicking, it’s interesting the news that’s been coming out of east Frankford these days.  That someone would even consider building townhouses down, there I find impressive, but as we’ve been  covering the buildup that’s happened south of the Frankford Creek has been going on for a few years, and the new Aramingo Crossings shopping center is about as close to Frankford as you can get.  So it was probably only a matter of time before the semi vacant industrial sites down there would be reclaimed.


2 thoughts on “Townhouses Proposed in ummm….Frankford Valley?

  1. Where exactly are these townhomes going to be located? Are they knocking down an industrial building and then changing the zoning? NE windows or whatever is still very much in business and owns one of the buildings, the other side of Church street is an empty warehouse. Across Aramingo is the rail yard. I’d be interested in seeing more information on this development.

  2. I don’t know anything more, hopefully when the minutes are posted on their website we’ll get more info.

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