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Pics From Papajohn Woodworking

Here are some pics from my visit to Matt and Ian Papajohn’s woodworking shop over on the first floor of the Henry Rheil Building on Orchard Street.






2 thoughts on “Pics From Papajohn Woodworking

  1. Thanks for taking the pic’s of these old mill conversion, they are really neat. The last owner of the Riehl took me threw the bldg and he gave me some work benches and I purchased about 100 wood clamps. I think people would like to see more residental loft’s. Maybe if they have one vacate you could advertise the loft for them on the Gazette! Hell, maybe if you rent the place Jim they will give you a commission. Well, Thanks for your work as I know from your blogs you dig the loft thing too.

  2. I would definitely take pics of their lofts if given a chance. The one thing I know about this crew though is that they don’t need any help getting people to live in them. They build them and they get filled up, it’s very impressive to see.

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