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Good News/Bad News: Some Non Profit Calls Us Inner City, But Their List Calls Out Frankford Company Amuneal For Excellence


I’ve never heard of Amuneal, nor was I aware they were in East Frankford down on Darrah St between Margaret and Foulkrod.  But they made it to 51 on the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City‘s list of 100 fast-growing companies located in the “inner city” of a U.S. metropolis.

Taken from their website:

From building shielding components for space shuttle missions, to designing and manufacturing retail and architectural environments, amuneal has become a premier design collaborator and fabrication company with a fearless approach to business: THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

Kick ass guys, way to go.

Now, Neast Magazine wonders what our thoughts are on Competitive Inner City refering to Frankford as “inner-city”, well let see what they say is an inner city.

Inner cities have 20% poverty rate or higher, or two of the following three criteria:

  • poverty rate of 1.5 times or more that of their MSAs
  • median household income of 1/2 or less that of their MSAs
  • unemployment rate of 1.5 or more that of their MSAs

Now MSA stands for “Metropolitan Statistical Area“.  And Philadelphia’s is huge.  So it’s not just Frankford getting compared to other Philadelphia neighborhoods.  It’s matching up against Montgomery, Bucks, and all the other counties in the Deleware Valley.  So alright, I’ll agree with that.  You can call us inner city, just say it to our face.  And don’t no one forget, it’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’re goin’.  And Frankford’s coming up.