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Archdiocese To Close North Catholic, I Used To Walk There You Know


Today the Archdiocese announced the closure of North Catholic at the end of this school year.  I’m heart broken.  Being in Frankford, it was so close I could walk it.  I would start at Penn and Harrison and walk south.  I’d meet John at Penn and Arrott and we’d walk the rest.  At the tail end of last winter we retraced the walk we hadn’t done in twelve years, take a look here.

5 thoughts on “Archdiocese To Close North Catholic, I Used To Walk There You Know

  1. Frankford’s good insitutions are dropping like flies and the bad ones are moving in. Is there anything that can be done to keep things going in Frankford? Who is next? This is a very alarming trend. Very sad.

  2. Wow, I graduated from there thirty years ago this past June. Too sad to think wbout where boys in the area will be able to get a decent education now. FHS sure wasn’t up to par by comparison back in my day.

  3. I work with a guy here in FL that went to Cardinal Dougherty and he told me today that this school and North are both closing. Now my alma mater, Frankford HS, won’t have the annual Thanksgiving football game with North.


  4. Class of “86” Sad.

  5. […] this year the Archdiocese announced that it would be closing Northeast Catholic High School.  The alumni and parents wasted no time in […]

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