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Frankford Friends School’s Open House Invites New Friends!

We went to school – on Saturday! This past Saturday, October 17, Frankford Friends School (FFS) held an Open House beginning at 11 AM! While we no longer have school-age children, being a retired preschool and elementary school teacher myself, we wanted to see what FFS has to offer. (We are looking forward to grandchildren when they arrive!) FFS has a proud history of being the first school in Frankford that still continues to serve area families and their children. While tour guides were available, we made our own way.

Our first stop was the century old meetinghouse that houses the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms. In the meetinghouse, fifth and sixth grade students along with their teachers were playing the hand bells to the tune of  “Amazing Grace”. We met a family with two girls and their older daughter readily joined the music group when invited to come and play.

As we moved to the preschool and kindergarten classroom, we learned that these age groups, in particular, are a steadily growing population for the school. With the focus on the importance of early childhood education, FFS stresses listening and speaking activities with a focus on enjoying literature and having stories come alive using stuffed animal “friends”.

We proceeded across the school yard to the main building that is used for grades 1 through 5, a lunchroom and school offices. Each classroom was brightly decorated with the students’ work and teachers were in each classroom to discuss curriculum and answer any questions. The lunchroom on this day offered snacks and juices. Here we were greeted warmly and offered assistance by FFS principal, Penny Colgan-Davis. The well-stocked library had attracted several readers as we made our way to the first grade classroom whose class turtle was actively swimming and greeting all visitors. Lastly, we visited the middle school (6th, 7th and 8th grades) that is located on Gillingham St.

Besides actually teaching in public and private schools, I had a day care center in the area. We picked up children from local schools. Several children attended Frankford Friends School. The philosophy of peaceful co-existence and cooperative learning is also taught at FFS. These are skills much needed in our 21st Century. For more information and to learn how you can support the school, please visit their web site at Frankford Friends School.

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  1. Frankford Friends is a wonderful, caring little school. My son went there and I believe that FFS helped shape him into the nice young man he is today. I can’t say enough positive things about FFS.

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