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Northwood Native Brea Bee Stars In Philly Based Vampire Web Series

Brea Bee Brea Bee, St Joachim’s alum and Northwood native, is currently starring in a Vampire web series based in Philly called Bleeder.  This vampire stuff is sooooo the rage now.  And the production and distribution of web based television is quite literally at the forefront of the ongoing media revolution.  From Bleeder’s website:

Alex Daub is desperate. He’s lost his home. He’s lost his money. And he’s about to lose his life. A disease eats away at him from the inside and he is incapable of stopping it. But a chance encounter will change his future and may give him a second chance to live the life he once knew. With the help of an unlikely group of allies, Alex must struggle to regain everything he’s lost, all the while protecting an unbelievable secret.

It’s getting some good press after only one episode.  Here’s a great writeup and an interview with Brea.  I had an email exchange with producer and hemopheliac star Mark Kochanowicz, himself a North Catholic alum but native of Port Richmond, about getting them to film in Frankford.  They’re looking for a gritty industrial vibe and that’s just how Frankford balls.  Their rooftop location in episode 1 looks like they’re using the factory over in Port Richmond at Castor and Sedgley.  And they’ve already started filming episode 2.  But I threw a few contacts his way so we’ll see what happens.  But if I see a scene where some vampire stuff is happening in a room with the El rushing by right outside a window that wasn’t shot somewhere between Church Street and the FTC I’m gonna flip.  Special thanks to David for the tip.


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  1. After Algore invented the internet. Is the big production shop and the little guy in the same playing field now? With emerging free internet news, we witness the fall of the big new papers one after another. Would be interesting to see the trend continue to other fields.

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