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Why Is No One Dying In Frankford?

According to the PPD crime map, over the last 30 days(10/16/09 to 11/15/09), there have been 6 homicides in Northeast Philadelphia.  2 in the 7th district, 2 in the second, and with last night’s news of a shooting in Holmseburg(reported as Mayfair), and previous homicide in Tacony, 2 in the 15th district.

I actually started this post preparing to take a shot at the rest of the Northeast who always looks down on Frankford.  But now I’m just really curious.  Has it been better policing with existing resources?  Has it just been luck?  Has Frankford actually gotten better?  We are down by at least 50% of last years total if I recall correctly.

4 thoughts on “Why Is No One Dying In Frankford?

  1. I don’t feel the perception of “high crime” in Frankford is based on actual crime statistics. I feel the perception is based on the how Frankford looks. Frankford looks like an economically poor neighborhood and most people feel that poor neighborhoods have high crime.

  2. Daily News reported a shooting at Magaret and Torresdale this weekend. 19 yr old shot in the head.

    Also the suspect in the Camden bakery murder/robbery was caught in Frankford and appears to have been a Frankford resident.

    While crime may be down there is still a way to go before Frankford is “safe”, and longer still until outsiders will view it as such.

  3. I must have jinxed us.

  4. No – Frankford is a hell hole in which a family member of mine was shot in the head during a robbery attempt.

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