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Yet Another Cool Bar Opening Up Under The El, it’s 3 miles from Frankford, but still

Philadelphia Brownstoner reports that the owners of Shenanigan’s Saloon is opening up a second location under the El at Front and Cecil B Mooore.  It’s three and a half miles from Frankford but it still bolsters the case that businesses will open up under the El.  For too long, probably since I’ve been born, I’ve been hearing that having the El sit over Frankford’s main drag is a big reason for Frankford’s business issues.  Talk to me about the lack the crime.  Talk to me about the poverty, and talk to me about better parking in mini malls.

There’s already Kung Fu Necktie, the El Bar is a regular hipster hangout and now comes news of Shenanigan’s Too.  So let’s be real here and note that at least somewhere under the el, normal businesses can thrive.

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