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Philly Cares Day in Frankford

The photos show MOST of the large crew of volunteers that came out for Philly Cares Day on October 22nd at the Hedge & Orthodox park.

There was a group of students from Ursinus College, one student from Franklin Towne Mastery Charter School, a group of young women from a NE Philly mentoring program (that is all they would tell us!), a Bar Mitzvah candidate with his parents and little sister and a group of unaffiliated adults that found us thru the Philly Cares Day program, along with members of Frankford Garden Club and the Frankford Parks Group. Even the Sanitation workers dove in and lent a hand!

Thanks to everyone, we got a lot done, removing the overgrown trumpet vines that were covering the Mural, clearing the wrought iron fence of vines and weeds, and pulling weeds out of the curbs and cracks.

Keep an eye on Hedge & Orthodox, we aren’t done yet! We will be working to remove 2 dead trees, and take measures that will prevent those huge Burdock plants from coming back next Spring.


(Photo credit to Janet Bernstein)