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Renovations being done on long abandoned building at Frankford and Torresdale

The multi-building property at 4080 Frankford Ave, at the corner with Erie Ave, has signs of rehabilitation.  The city’s property website doesn’t show any recent sale, although googling the address reveals that it has been available recently.  There’s a nice write up about business development in the near area too:

The Frankford/Torresdale Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone is in one of Philadelphia’s historic manufatuiring communities. Avalable parcels include vacant land and buildings at Frankford and Torresdale Avenues.

The vacant land and buildings along Frankford Ave that are designated KOEZ include single and multi-story industrial buildings, now vacant. The structures are pasrt of a farmer mill. Some of the property fronts on Frankford Creek.

Growth is occuring in and around the Frankford KOEZ, particularly to the west of the Zone where there is substantialnew retail development. A piolot project to rebuild and expand the manufacturing base in targeted Philadelphia communities include parts of this KOEZ. It has met with considerable success. One of its outgrowths has been the creation of a Business Improvement District focused exclusively on the business community. Increased security and sidewalk cleaning in the vicinity of the businesses has had tangible positive results.

The locatation of the KOEZ is extremely favorable. It is situated approx 5 min from the Aramingo Avenue exitof I-95 and is less than 15 min from Center City. The area is served by the Frankford/Market elevated rail line and numerous bus lines.

I saw workmen cutting out windows a few weeks ago and it looks like there’s been an attempt to seal up a half opened metal door.  Of course squatters appear to have circumvented the measures.  So far I just see renovations being done on the one story structure, the multistory unit next to it looks dormant.