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Paint by Numbers

If you ever liked doing paint by numbers, you have to go to the Mural Arts Paint day Saturday August 11th, from 11 to 2.

We had the best time last Saturday. The room was well lit and cool!! You pick a spot at the gaint pannels that are ready for you to paint, a small or large area of paint by numbers. I was having summer childhood flash backs. They showed me what the section would look like when finished. I couldn’t make out what I was painting untill I stood back and it all came together. The Mural Arts group gives you all the supplies you need to get to work. The atmosphere was fun and upbeat. If you like doing paint by numbers and want to be a part of the biggest art works that were ever in Frankford, this is the place to be this coming Saturday! Don’t miss out on all the fun. Diane Kunze