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Love Your Park at Overington Park on November 10th

Overington Park hosted our Love Your Park Day this past Saturday November 10th from 10 till 1. We had 52 volunteers come out and help clean up our park.

For the first time we had a great group from St. Hubert’s High School come out and work their tails off. The girl power was going strong on Saturday. They planted a Black Gum tree in our park and cleaned their hearts out picking up leaves and debris that surrounded the park after Sandy came through 2 weeks ago.

The JR ROTC, from Frankford High School felt the challenge and worked hard to keep up with the Hubert’s girls. As always the ROTC delivered a spectacular job, moving giant tree branches into a central location for pick up, planting a River Birch tree, planting daffodils, and winterizing our Cannas beds.

We removed over 80 bags of debris from in and around the park, planted two trees and 200 daffodils! Friends of Overington Park worked and supervised crews around the park. Neighbors came out, that use the park, and wanted to join in and help make the park a better place. Some rain dropped down for a few minutes at the beginning of our day but we had work to do and we would not be stopped. We left the park in great shape to go into winter.

Our thanks go out to all the good folk that came out on Saturday, and everyone who supports the fine work that our community is doing in Overington Park. We truly Love Our Park! Thanks, Diane Kunze, president, Friends of Overington Park