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Frankford NAC Zoning Meeting September 12th

We opened our standing room only meeting with Jason Dawkins, aide to Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez, detailing the benefits and fast audienceapproaching deadline of the city’s Homestead Tax Exemption Program.

Ms Stacy Cruz, Mr. Peter Gonzalez and Mr. Jim Stanton from the First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School addressed the meeting with their presentation for a zoning variance at 4300 Tacony St. Their goal is to demolish the two existing structures at 4428 and 4518 Tacony St. to both expand and consolidate school functions.

More noticeable features of the renovations would include; one entirely new building 174 off street, green space friendly parking spaces and a new drop off and pick up area on site as opposed to existing curbside pickup.

4300 Tacony STWith construction planned to proceed in October, completion is set for September 2014. Several issues were raised and addressed. The vote was then called and the community unanimously and enthusiastically approved the proposal.

State Representative James Clay Jr. announced an upcoming meeting on September 19th at Aria Hospital 4900 Frankford Ave. concerning the substance abuse rehab facilities being opened in the community without proper notice or zoning variances. He urged all to attend.

Ms Kimberly Washington asked for volunteers to come out to Orthodox and Hedge Sts. On September 14th to aid in the clean up and restoration of one of Frankford’s many parks.