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Love Your Park Overington Park

It only rained for 15 minutes at 10am, then the sun came out and our plant sale was a big success. We topped last year’s sales! The wonderful gardeners from FOOP (Friends of Overington Park) and Frankford Garden Club delivered a wide range of perennials for sale this year and stayed around with advice for the gardeners on their new purchases.
Even those  just stopping by for gardening tips received personal attention, and information about garden questions.
The JR ROTC came through again and helped get the plants into the park for the sale and planted our Cannas in all the beds around the park. The Joy of Living House came over to lend a hand with tree mulching and anything we asked them to help out with. We had tee shirts, and refreshments for all our volunteers.
Our thanks goes out to all the people who helped make this event a success. Our councilwoman, Maria D. Quinones Sanchez, for her constant support. State Representative Jason Dawkins for our flyers, Frankford High’s JR ROTC, Frankford Garden club, Joy of Living and last but not least members of Friends of Overington Park, without them nothing would be happening in Overington Park. They work hard all year round making the park shine!
Speaking of work, we need help, every Monday from 9 till 12, FOOP works in the park doing whatever jobs needs to be done. Please come out and lend a hand, even for a few minutes, it would mean so much. This is your park, please join us in caring for it.
Our next event will be on Saturday June 20th, form 12 till 3. Friends Of Overington Park Meet and Greet! If you enjoy what’s been happening in your park , come out and share your stories, a pot luck dish or enter our salsa contest. There will be live music and a fun time with your neighbors together in Overington Park. Hope to see you there!
Diane Kunze, president, Friends of Overington Park (FOOP)