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Burglary in Northwood Continues to be a Problem

From Joe Krause, President of the Northwood Civic Association:

Found out tonight that there were at least 3 more burglary attempts on the 900 block of Herbert Street last week. Screens were cut and attempts at opening windows were made. I’m guessing the police were not called, since there is no record on the crime map.  Not sure if they log attempts.

What’s really annoying is the victims are not spreading the word of what is happening. Neighbors directly across the street just found out about this today. Speak up when something happens; your neighbors have cameras and may have captured these degenerates on video. I have the guy on camera who burglarized my neighbor a few weeks ago; not a good image but you can see how he works. He walks around our neighborhood like he owns the place without a care in the world. He went into other neighbors yards and checked out their homes before choosing a victim.

Please stay alert and report these incidents to the police and be sure to notify neighbors.