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Frankford Quarry Mystery Unveiled

At the Historical Society of Frankford meeting on September 10th, John Hewitt with the help of Bob Smiley searched and retrieved old newspaper article’s about the quarry at the intersections of Adams Avenue and Church Street. The story is how some 11 children and an adult lost their lives after falling into a Frankford bluestone quarry that later became Deni Playground in about the years 1871 to 1897.

Donald Clark assisted in taking pictures that night.  Thank you very much for your help Donald. Pat Smiley spoke about Keep the Faith in Frankford and the upcoming things going on and Joe Taylor from the organization talked about the clean up at Saint Joachim Cemetery. Pat also talked about Bob Smiley’s book coming out and his talk November 12th at the Historical Society of Frankford. There will be updates about the book.

In the absence of Jim Young, President of the Society,  Jerry Kolankiewicz did the introduction of speakers. Thank you Jerry and a big thanks to Susan Couvreur & the other board members who helped to make this presentation a good one.

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Coming up at the meeting on October 8th will be a slide show- Images From The Old Frankford Camera Club  of glass slides created by the members of the Frankford Camera Club which was founded in 1889. They were based at Wright’s Institute which was located at Unity and Griscom streets.