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Hunt for History

The Historical Society of Frankford is on a Hunt for history and we need your help!

In order to complete a fuller picture and fill in the gaps in Frankford’s history, we are asking our friends and neighbors to tell us their stories. If you are, or have been a resident of Frankford, we need you to tell your stories of life in Frankford as you lived it.

There are four categories we are interested in:

Memories of Frankford

If you have lived in Frankford for any length of time, you must have some memories of your neighborhood. Tell us the places you remember, and what you did as a child and as an adult. Where did you go to school? What church did you belong to? What was the street you lived on, and who were your neighbors.

Families of Frankford

If you are, or were a long time resident of Frankford, then tell us about your family. Who were they? Were they immigrants? Where did they come from? When did they come to Frankford? Name their names and tell us where they lived and what they did.

Organizations in Frankford

Did you belong to any organization that was active in Frankford. Were you a member of the Lions Club, the Oddfellows, the VFW, or the American Legion? Were you a Boy Scout or Girl Scout? Did you go to the Northeast Boys Club or the Frankford Y? Tell us about your organization. What it was. Where it was. What it did, and who was there. What part did you play?

Where I worked in Frankford

If you worked anywhere in Frankford, tell us about it. Did you own a business in Frankford? Were you a store clerk on the avenue, a waiter or waitress, a barber or hair stylist. Did you work in any lite industry In Frankford? Were you a paperboy or did you shine shoes? The type of job is not to big or too small. Tell us the name of the place, where it was located, who were the owners, and what your job was there. We want to hear all about the places you worked.

We are asking you to take some time and reflect on your life in Frankford. Write it all down in an electronic file. If you are not able, ask a friend or family member to help. Give your stories a title if you want to. Make sure you list yourself as the author. Include pictures or other graphics if you wish. Use any font style you want, but keep it at size 11. Titles can be larger, in color or underlined. Send your stories to

All stories will be logged and kept in both an electronic file and a printed out open book file at the Historical Society of Frankford. Come and visit us at 1507 Orthodox St.