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Our “Frankford Heroes, 2nd Edition” Honor Roll!

This Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, we wanted to let the “Frankford Heroes” tell you their stories themselves. It’s true that Bob put their stories into the 2nd Edition of his and Richard Johnson’s book, but he is simply retelling the stories of the lives they lived and the sacrifices they have made so that they are always remembered!

At the end of this post, there is a a list of all those who are featured in this latest edition of “Frankford Heroes, 2nd Edition”. And here are some of their stories. Remember, through Tuesday evening, May 26, if you purchase a copy of Bob and Richard’s book ($14.95) through our website, we will donate 20% of the list price to be shared between St. Mark’s Church in Frankford and the CDA Court St. Francis De Sales #2617 Matthew 25 Food Cupboard at St. Mark’s. Also, by buying this print edition, we will give you the ebook free. The ebook has additional information and links and has just been finished. Nothing is ever as easy as it may seem. (So, if you bought the book previously, we will be emailing you the pdf asap. Thank you for your patience.) We accept PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards or you can mail us a check. You’ll find all the details at this link:

“Frankford Heroes, 2nd Edition” contains the stories of almost 190 Veterans from Frankford. Frankford was a small town before it incorporated with Philadelphia and patriotism and a sense of history continue to be a large part of our traditions. 147 of these stories are those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for our freedom. The rest of the stories are those who served proudly and most, if not all, still call Frankford their home. To all our Veterans, past and present, thank you! We thank also, all the men and women of our Armed Forces currently serving so proudly and in unexpected ways. Many have been a real support to areas of the country struggling with coronavirus. We salute you and ask God to bless you abundantly!!

I chose a story from Bob’s book that I wanted to share with you. The first is about a young man named Stephen Blanchett. “Stephen Paul Blanchett was born on October 20, 1947 and lived on Foulkrod Street in Frankford.  He enlisted in the Army early in 1965 and served as a corpsman. He was awarded the Silver Star posthumously: ‘He distinguished himself by exceptional valor while serving as Medical Specialist for his unit when it came under heavy small arms fire in rice paddies northwest of Dong Tam, Vietnam, on March 7, 1967. As the unit was maneuvering slowly through several rice paddies, they came under enemy sniper fire. Immediately, one of the unit’s leaders was hit and severely wounded. Private Blanchett, 350 meters to the rear, was notified, and began racing through the paddies in order to reach the wounded man. When he had come to within 50 meters of the casualty, he was urged by fellow comrades to go no further, due to the increasing amount of hostile fire. He courageously disregarded the warning and with fire all about him, ran to the side of the wounded man. He then pulled the wounded man behind the safety of a dike separating two paddies and administered vitally needed first aid. This courageous act was one of many times he unhesitatingly risked his life in behalf of his fellow soldiers.’” Paul was 19 years old – 19!!! There have been so many just like him – good men of valor, courage and a strong sense of duty and caring for their fellow man!

“Frankford Heroes, 2nd Edition” – Let’s take a look and see if you are familiar with any of the names! These are our honored Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our freedoms during the following wars! There are two pages of names and there are two arrows at the bottom of the document to let you move between the pages. Remember our special offer ends Tuesday evening, May 26 at 11:59 PM!

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Honoring the Original Front Line Helpers – Members of Our Armed Forces!

This Memorial Day Weekend, we want to remember those who have served our country as well as all of us! We are proud of our “Frankford Heroes” who demonstrated time and again their dedication through the years.
Bob Smiley, the Editor of The Frankford Gazette, has continued to compile their stories and update their stories. Bob’s book, along with co-author, Richard W. Johnson, tells the story of 190 brave souls willing to risk all for their country and 147 of them did give their lives.

Through Tuesday evening, May 26, if you purchase a copy of Bob and Richard’s book ($14.95) through our website, we will donate 20% of the list price to be shared between St. Mark’s Church in Frankford and the CDA Court St. Francis De Sales #2617 Matthew 25 Food Cupboard at St. Mark’s. Here’s the link – we accept PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards or you can mail us a check. Also, Bob has just finished the ebook version of “Frankford Heroes, 2nd Edition” which contains even more information and links.

Here is an interview done with Bob today where he explains how his passion to tell our local Veterans’ stories continues to motivate his efforts. For more information, please contact
Thank you! Have a safe holiday! Let’s Remember and Honor Our Vets – past and present!
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Historical Sites of Frankford in Philadelphia

Looking for something new while waiting for COVID-19 to go away?

Come sail with The Captain as he walks Rick The Puppy through the streets of Frankford. The Captain made a few friends who are in The Frankford Historical Society. They told him some stories that he could not believe he never knew before. They told him about how important Frankford Ave and who used to travel on it. The Captain learned about the term “The Frankford Advice” and the important location that advice was given in. He sees a graveyard older than the United States and so much more.


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Please consider attending the annual luncheon benefiting the museum on Saturday,
March 21, 2020.
The Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum and Library is the only museum in this area that is solely dedicated to preserving the history and telling the story of the Civil War.
The collection is recognized for its historical significance and features numerous relics of singular historical importance including:  General Meade’s warhorse Old Baldy, handcuffs found in John Wilkes Booth’s trunk after the assassination, the strip of the pillowcase and Lincoln’s blood, Dr. Mary Walker’s medical case, the bullet that killed Col. Edward Baker at Ball’s Bluff, and the uniform of Col. DeWitt Clinton Baxter of the 72nd PA Infantry.
As members of the historical community, it is vitally important that we show our support for the museum, or this wonderful museum will disappear.
Please consider attending the annual luncheon benefiting the museum on March 21, 2020.  This is so much more than a luncheon. 
·      You will have a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet both old and new friends who share your interest in history;
·      We have a great keynote speaker, historian and author of many Civil War books, Bradley Gottfried;
·      you can explore the books and merchandise from Jim Schmick’s Civil War and More;
·      you will be eligible to win one of many great especially selected raffle prizes;
·      and you will have an opportunity to purchase authentic Civil War relics.
All this while also helping us to secure the future of the museum.
Please check out the luncheon notice and make your reservation.  Without your support, this wonderful and historic museum may well become a thing of the past; only a memory.
Invites All Museum Supporters and
Civil War Enthusiasts to the
Saturday, March 21, 2020
12:00 noon – 3:30 PM
Cannstatter Volkfest Verein
9130 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114
(Intersection of Academy Rd. and Frankford Ave., at I-95 Academy Road exit)
Keynote speaker  BRADLEY M. GOTTFRIED
Nationally recognized historian and author
Presentation of the GRAND ARMY AWARD
** Three course Chefs Luncheon  **
History books, videos, music featuring Jim Schmick  “Civil War & More.”
Free door prizes – Print raffles
*Reservations requested by March 13, 2020
Please make checks payable to GAR MUSEUM, and mail with reservation form below to: GAR MUSEUM, Attn: Herb Kaufman, 4278 Griscom Street, Phila., PA 19124.      To Reserve by EMAIL:
Name(s) __________________________________________________________ Amount Enclosed $___________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _________________________ Email Address (for confirmation) _______________________________________
Entrée Choices (please indicate number):
Chicken ________                       Beef ________                 Salmon ________
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G.A.R. Museum & Library Open House Program

Sunday ‘Open House’ Civil War History presentation
Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 1:30pm
Dr. Cheryl Renée Gooch on
“Hinsonville’s Heroes: Black Civil War Soldiers
of Chester County, Pennsylvania”
Cheryl Renee Gooch( Ph.D ) Dean of Arts, Humanities & Developmental Studies
Cumberland County College

Dr. Cheryl Renée Gooch is the author of the newly published book
Hinsonville’s Heroes: Black Civil War Soldiers of Chester County,
Pennsylvania (The History Press, February 2018). Dr. Gooch will discuss
her book, which traces the stories of residents of Hinsonville, a free
black community, who fought for the Union. Named for Emory Hinson, a
black man who purchased acres straddling Lower and Upper Oxford
townships in Chester County, PA, the former 19th century village of
Hinsonville attracted both free and determined to be free people who
championed religious freedom, higher education, land ownership and equal
FREE & Open to the public! 
Historic Ruan House • 4278 Griscom Street• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124 •
(215) 289-6484 •