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Will Your Child Be Ready to Graduate From High School?

Frankford High School is sponsoring a workshop on what students need in order to graduate from high school. Did you know that your child must accrue 23.5 credits? Do you know how many credits your child has? Come and find out about this and more by attending the “23.5 Credits Workshop” at the High School’s IMC Room (Library) on the first floor on Tuesday, Dec. 15. There are 2 sessions for your convenience – 10:00 AM or 6:00 PM. June is too late to find out your child lacks the necessary credits. When you go, be sure to ask about FamilyNet, the School District’s parent information website where you can keep up with your child’s grades, attendance and to keep informed about their progress. Your active involvement is the best Christmas present. Refer to the following flyer for contact information regarding this workshop.

23.5 Workshop-1