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Globe Dye Works awarded 17K grant to capture and reuse rain water

Globe Dye Works

It was announced yesterday on the Philadelphia Water Department’s Watersheds Blog that the Globe Dye Works has been awarded a grant to capture rain water for reuse in the building.

The Stormwater Management Incentives Program(SMIP) was created by the city to help reduce the volume of stormwater runoff entering into the city’s sewer systems while also

The text of the grant proposal:

Globe Dye Works proposes to capture rainwater in an existing tank and reuse for processes
within the building. The installation will initially address 10,200 square feet of roof and capture
6387 gallons. The tank has the capacity to hold 40% more than the amount, and future plans
include capturing the water from adjacent roofs. Project benefits include a reduction in runoff
volume to the PWD combined sewer and a reduction in potable water demand for Globe Dye

Since reopening as a mix of light industry and artisan space, the Globe Dye Works, located on Torresdale Ave at Worth St, has been repeatedly cited for it’s leading use of new environmental building techniques. ¬†Additionally, one of it’s newest tenants is the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership.