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The Clog Rags on Tony Payton Jr for Thinking Outside of the Box

Tony Payton JrWe caught the City Paper’s staff blog “The Clog” mocking our very own state 179th rep Tony Payton Jr for searching for a Chief of Staff on craigslist.  You’d think a young hip organization like that would appreciate the nuances of using the internet for more than just porn.  We’re almost a decade through the 21st century, c’mon now, only geriatrics search monster and careerbuilder.

Maybe I’m wrong but to me this is just another example of this dude’s efforts and attempts to do his freakin job.  Should we ask Tony to handle his business by the book?  Would Frankford be better off if Tony would’ve just hired his brother or high school buddy?  Maybe after that, he can kiss the establishment’s ass and wait in line for his turn at state rep in 20 or 30 years.  Then when he gets his act together he’ll be able to  start no showing the Friends of Overington Park’s TWO tree planting days like counsel woman Maria Quinones-Sanchez.  We’re still waiting on them cookies Maria.  I’m still thirsty for that orange juice you said was comin.

TP returns his phone calls and shows his face in Frankford.  Duder’s an outsider, he acts like an outsider.  That ad really makes it seem like he expects his Chief of Staff to do a day’s work.  I like it that way.  But it really sucks cause that coulda been a real choice no show job.  But I’m still waitin, cause aside from some pettiness over at phillyblog, I haven’t heard a bad thing about this guy.  It sucks that a whole lot more decision making for Frankford sits at the municipal level, cause if we had a few more like him at the city level we might be better off.

But we know The Clog is just ragging on Tony for internet filler.  We’re doing the same to them.  I hate slow news days.