Frankford Home of the Week

Leiper 4651a smallWe are finally over on Leiper Street on a beautiful afternoon after the rains.  I was heading down to get another picture elsewhere and almost stopped in my tracks.  It wasn’t the house.  It was the garden and the plantings around the biggest tree stump you are likely to see.  Click on the thumbnail to see it in full size.  He turned that ugly remnant of a tree into a work of art.

So I stopped to talk to the owner who was out in his yard watering.  He said he has been there about five years and had moved into Frankford for this beautiful house.  He’s done a lot of work on the exterior.  Had a new paint job done recently.  I asked him the story about that pirate flag.  He said he put it up there one Halloween and just never took it down.  Sounds like something I would do.

Here is a view of the house itself.

Leiper 4651b small

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  1. I was inside years ago. It’s amazing inside too.

  2. Beautiful house, amazing architecture. Is there any way that besides the photos of some of these grand old relics that you can dig a bit into their history? Who or why would such a distinct house have been built for or be part of the neighborhood? There are several classics like this one scattered about Frankford and each has a story to tell.

  3. i heard eddie munster lives there……?

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