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Poll of the month

There are only 3 more days left to vote on the poll this month. The question was “Will the sale of the Third Federal building to NET be good for Frankford?”

As of this morning 31 readers responded and only 8 expressed a definite opinion that it will have a negative impact on Frankford. 14 said it would be positive and 9 said it would make no difference at all.

This issue is complicated by the fact that none of us has a crystal ball. The mission of NET is a necessary one in the society we live in today and because of the demographics it is more needed in Frankford than some other locations.

But the big question for me: does the presence of service providers like NET in our neighborhood bring more people to Frankford to use the services than would have otherwise resided here in the natural course of events. I do not know the answer.

If NET is as well run as it could be then this can actually be a plus for Frankford avenue. To the public the NET presence will not be apparanent. The bank will continue to use the Avenue side of the building. NET clients will use the entrance in the rear of the building where the parking lot provides great access.

The building will be improved and add some value for future use and at some time if a more valuable use becomes available NET will be able to cash out and relocate.

We will see but there is not harm in taking the optimistic side in the debate.