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Every morning I check the news feeds for Frankford news. You can imagine my surprise yesterday when I read on that there had been another murder in Frankford. The location was near Castor Avenue and Benner Street.

Further compounding my surprise was that once again some reporter had incorrectly identified the neighborhood as Frankford when it was not. Why is this such an issue? Well most importantly these news reports on the internet become history once they are out there. And now the history is wrong. We have enough crime problems without taking credit for what is happening in Oxford Circle.

So I promptly emailed the reporter who wrote the story and the editor and so far no reply. I want the report, that was posted on the web, corrected.

This is the link to the original story for the record.

Feel free to send an email of admonishment too. Maybe we can get some justice.

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  1. Glad you commented on this. You would think the Daily News (of all media outlets) would get these things straight.

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