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Alvira Perry burned out

There was an interesting page 1 story in the Daily News today about Alvira Perry and the problems she had with a house next to her own. She had bought her house at 1643 Margaret Street in 1998 for $3,500. No, it was not the best of locations but the price was right and she could afford it. She lived there as the block deteriorated and eventually hers was the only occupied house. Squatters took over the house next to hers. She complained to her councilman and to anybody else she could find. The squatters continued on and eventually set a fire that caused significant damage to Elvira’s home and she had to move in with her daughter.

She filed a claim with the City. Why, because the City owned the house where the squatters set the fire. Case closed. Pay the lady for the damage.

When the City takes over these properties, it has the obligation to do the right thing, just like you or I would. The City was negligent.